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Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter

Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021

Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021

Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021 Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021 Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021
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HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter 100% compatible with Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 100% Compatible. Guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.

New Genuine HP 384021-001 90W ac adapter / charger with power cord for HP and Compaq laptop computers.

We also carry batteries, memory, AC & DC Power Adapters, CD-RW/DVD/DVDRW drives and other laptop & notebook parts and accessories for this model.

>> See below for the technical specs of the HP 384021-001 ac adapter / charger, including voltage, capacity (amps) and other product related info.

Availability: In Stock. In stock. Will Ship on: 05-08-2015.
See tabs below for the technical specs of this product, including voltage, capacity and/or other product related info.

Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021

Laptop Parts :: Hewlett Packard :: Business NC6120

Price: $ 69.00
$ 49.00

Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384021-001 90w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384021

Item # LAC-HPO384021
Item type AC Adapter
Ships in 1 Day*
Manufacturer HP
Warranty 1 Year**
In stock Yes

All orders placed before 4pm EST (Mon-Fri - excluding holidays) are shipped the same business day. Orders placed after 4pm EST on Fridays are shipped the following Monday/Business Day. Click Here. ** All products we sell are BRAND NEW and come with a 1 Year replacement warranty. 

This HP 384021-001 AC adapter / power charger is compatible to the following HP and Compaq Part #'s:
391173-001, 384021-001, 382021-002, PPP014L-SA, PPP014L-S, PPP014H-S, PA-1900-18H2, HP-AP091F13LF SE

This HP/Compaq 384021-001 AC adapter / power charger, is compatible with the following Compaq and HP laptops:

Business Notebook Series
Business Notebook 2200 Series, Business Notebook 2210b, 2230s, Business Notebook 2500 Series, Business Notebook 2510p, Business Notebook 6500 Series, Business Notebook 6510b, 6515b, 6530b, 6535b, 6530s, 6531s, 6535s, Business Notebook 6700 Series, Business Notebook 6710b, 6715b, 6730b, 6735b, 6730s, 6735s, Business Notebook 6800 Series, Business Notebook 6830s, Business Notebook 6900 Series Business Notebook 6910p, Business Notebook 8500 Series, Business Notebook 8510p, 8510w, Business Notebook 8700 Series, Business Notebook 8710p, 8710w, Business Notebook nc2400 Series, Business Notebook nc2400, Business Notebook nc4200 Series Business Notebook nc4200, Business Notebook nc4400 Series, Business Notebook nc4400, Business Notebook nc6100 Series, Business Notebook nc6110, nc6120, nc6140, Business Notebook nc6110 Series, Business Notebook nc6110, Business Notebook nc6120 Series, Business Notebook nc6120, Business Notebook nc6140 Series, Business Notebook nc6140, Business Notebook nc6300 Series, Business Notebook nc6320, Business Notebook nc6320 Series, Business Notebook nc6320, Business Notebook nc6400 Series, Business Notebook nc6400, Business Notebook nc8400 Series, Business Notebook nc8430, Business Notebook nc8430 Series, Business Notebook nc8430, Business Notebook nw8400 Series, Business Notebook nw8440, Business Notebook nw8440 Series, Business Notebook nw8440, Business Notebook nw9400 Series, Business Notebook nw9440, Business Notebook nw9440 Series, Business Notebook nw9440, Business Notebook nx6100 Series, Business Notebook nx6110, nx6115, nx6120, nx6125, nx6130, Business Notebook nx6110 Series, Business Notebook nx6110, Business Notebook nx6115 Series, Business Notebook nx6115, Business Notebook nx6120 Series, Business Notebook nx6120, Business Notebook nx6125 Series, Business Notebook nx6125, Business Notebook nx6130 Series, Business Notebook nx6130, Business Notebook nx6310 Series, Business Notebook nx6310, Business Notebook nx6315 Series, Business Notebook nx6315, Business Notebook nx6320 Series, Business Notebook nx6320, Business Notebook nx6325 Series, Business Notebook nx6325, Business Notebook nx7300 Series, Business Notebook nx7300, Business Notebook nx7400 Series, Business Notebook nx7400, Business Notebook nx9420 Series, Business Notebook nx9420

EliteBook Series
EliteBook 2530p Series, EliteBook 2530p, EliteBook 2730p Series, EliteBook 2730p, EliteBook 6930p Series, EliteBook 6930p

G G50 Series
G G50-100, G50-100EA, G50-110EA, G50-100 CTO, G50-102NR, G50-103NR, G50-104CA, G50-104NR, G50-106NR, G50-108NR, G50-109NR, G50-111NR, G50-112NR, G50-113CA, G50-116CA, G50-118NR, G50-121CA, G50-122CA, G50-123NR, G50-124NR, G50-126NR, G50-201CA, G50-209CA, G50-211CA, G50-213CA, G50-215CA, G50-219CA, G50-212CA, G50-101XX, G50-102CA, G50-103CA, G50-113NR, G50-120CA, G50-133US, G50-114NR

G G60 Series
G G60-100EM, G60-101TU, G60-102XX, G60-103XX, G60-104CA, G60-104XX, G60-108CA, G60-114EA, G60-115EM, G60-117EM, G60-117US, G60-118EM, G60-118NR, G60-119OM, G60-120CA, G60-120EM, G60-120US, G60-123CL, G60-125CA, G60-125NR, G60-126CA, G60-127CL, G60-128CA, G60-146CA, G60-100 CTO, G60-101CA, G60-115EA, G60-116EA, G60-116EM, G60-119EA, G60-119EM, G60-121CA, G60-121WM, G60-127NR, G60-129CA, G60-201TU, G60-202TU, G60-203TU, G60-208CA, G60-213EM, G60-214EM, G60-215EM, G60-216EM, G60-217EM, G60-219CA, G60-219EA, G60-225CA, G60-228CA, G60-230CA, G60-230US, G60-231WM, G60-233CA, G60-233NR, G60-234CA, G60-235CA, G60-235DX, G60-235WM, G60-236US, G60-237NR, G60-237US, G60-238CA, G60-243CL, G60-243DX, G60-244DX, G60-247CL, G60-249CA, G60-249WM, G60-304CA, G60-324CA, G60-348CA, G60-414CA, G60-428CA, G60-430CA, G60-433CA, G60-438NR, G60-439CA, G60-440US, G60-441US, G60-442OM, G60-443NR, G60-445DX, G60-447CL, G60-453NR, G60-458DX, G60T-200 CTO, G60-101XX, G60-201XX, G60-432NR, G60-437CA, G60-443CL, G60-454US, G60-418CA, G60-427CA, G60-468CA, G60-471NR, G60-501NR, G60-506US, G60-507DX, G60-508US, G60-511CA, G60-513NR, G60-519WM, G60-526NR, G60-530CA, G60-530US, G60-531CA, G60-531NR, G60-533CL, G60-535DX, G60-536NR, G60-538CA, G60-549DX, G60-550CA, G60-551CA, G60-552NR, G60-553NR, G60-554CA, G60-610CA, G60-619CA, G60-630CA, G60-630US, G60-633CL, G60-633NR, G60-634CA, G60-635DX, G60-637CL, G60-642NR, G60-645NR, G60-647NR, G60-657CA, G60t-500 CTO, G60t-600 CTO

G G61 Series
G G61-101TU, G61-102TU, G61-103TU, G61-104TU, G61-100EA, G61-100SA, G61-110EA, G61-110SA, G61-203TU, G61-204TU, G61-300CA, G61-301TU, G61-302TU, G61-304NR, G61-306NR, G61-320CA, G61-320US, G61-321NR, G61-322NR, G61-323CA, G61-327CL, G61-329CA, G61-336NR, G61-400EP, G61-400SL, G61-400SP, G61-401SA, G61-405EL, G61-405SL, G61-406SA, G61-407SL, G61-408CA, G61-409CA, G61-410EB, G61-410ED, G61-410EL, G61-410SA, G61-410SI, G61-410SS, G61-415EA, G61-415EL, G61-415ES, G61-415SA, G61-415SB, G61-418EO, G61-420CA, G61-420EA, G61-420EB, G61-420ED, G61-420EF, G61-420SI, G61-420SL, G61-420SO, G61-420SS, G61-421SO, G61-422SO, G61-423CA, G61-423EO, G61-425EL, G61-425ES, G61-428CA, G61-429SA, G61-429WM, G61-430EF, G61-430EG, G61-430EL, G61-430SB, G61-430SF, G61-430SI, G61-430SL, G61-430SS, G61-435ES, G61-435SI, G61-435SL, G61-435ST, G61-440EA, G61-440EL, G61-440SG, G61-440SS, G61-440ST, G61-445SI, G61-448CA, G61-450EE, G61-450ES, G61-450SG, G61-451EE, G61-452EE, G61-453EE, G61-454EE, G61-455EE, G61-455ET, G61-456EE, G61-465SL, G61-511WM, G61-631NR, G61-632NR, G61-400CA, G61-438NR, G61-439NR

G G70 Series
G G70-100, G70-105EA, G70-110EA, G70-110EM, G70-111EM, G70-111EA, G70-120EA, G70-120EM, G70-212EM, G70-213EM, G70-246US, G70-250CA, G70-250US, G70-257CL, G70-258US, G70-450CA, G70-460US, G70-463CL, G70-467CL, G70-468NR, G70T-200 CTO, G70-201XX, G70-457CA, G70-481NR, G70T-100 CTO

G G71 Series
G G71, G71-329WM, G71-333CA, G71-333NR, G71-339CA, G71-340US, G71-343US, G71-345CL, G71-347CL, G71-349WM, G71-351CA, G71-358NR, G71-430CA, G71-437CA, G71-441NR, G71-442NR, G71-445US, G71-447US, G71-448CL, G71-449WM, G71t-300 CTO, G71t-400 CTO

HDX HDX16 Series
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Mini-Note Series
Mini 2133, 2140, 5101, 5102

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dv4-1256tx, dv4-1257tx, dv4-1258tx, dv4-1259tx, dv4-1260tx, dv4-1261tx, dv4-1272cm, dv4-1280br, dv4-1281us, dv4-1282cm, dv4-1283cl, dv4-1290br, dv4-1290el, dv4-1292cm, dv4-1299ee Special Edition, dv4-1252cm, dv4-1251xx, Pavilion dv4t-1000 Series, Pavilion dv4t-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv4t-1100 Series, Pavilion dv4t-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv4t-1200 Series, Pavilion dv4t-1200 CTO, dv4t-1200se CTO, Pavilion dv4z-1000 Series Pavilion dv4z-1000, dv4z-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv4z-1100 Series, Pavilion dv4z-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv4z-1200 Series, Pavilion dv4z-1200 CTO

Pavilion DV5 Series
Pavilion dv5-1000 Series, Pavilion dv5-1000ea, dv5-1000us, dv5-1001au, dv5-1001ax, dv5-1001tu, dv5-1001tx, dv5-1001xx, dv5-1002au, dv5-1002ax, dv5-1002et, dv5-1002nr, dv5-1002tu, dv5-1002tx, dv5-1002us, dv5-1003ax, dv5-1003cl, dv5-1003ef, dv5-1003nr, dv5-1003tu, dv5-1003tx, dv5-1003xx, dv5-1004ax, dv5-1004el, dv5-1004nr, dv5-1004tu, dv5-1004tx, dv5-1005ax, dv5-1005ec, dv5-1005ef, dv5-1005eg, dv5-1005el, dv5-1005em, dv5-1005et, dv5-1005tu, dv5-1005tx, dv5-1006ax, dv5-1006el, dv5-1006et, dv5-1006tu, dv5-1006tx, dv5-1007ax, dv5-1007ca, dv5-1007cl, dv5-1007ef, dv5-1007tu, dv5-1007tx, dv5-1008ax, dv5-1008ca, dv5-1008ea, dv5-1008el, dv5-1008tu, dv5-1008tx, dv5-1009ax, dv5-1009ea, dv5-1009el, dv5-1009tu, dv5-1009tx, dv5-1010ax, dv5-1010ea, dv5-1010eb, dv5-1010ec, dv5-1010ed, dv5-1010ef, dv5-1010eg, dv5-1010el, dv5-1010en, dv5-1010et, dv5-1010ev, dv5-1010ew, dv5-1010ez, dv5-1010tu, dv5-1010tx, dv5-1010us, dv5-1011ax, dv5-1011ea, dv5-1011el, dv5-1011et, dv5-1011tx, dv5-1012ea, dv5-1012el, dv5-1012tx, dv5-1013el, dv5-1013tx, dv5-1014el, dv5-1014tx, dv5-1015ea, dv5-1015eb, dv5-1015eg, dv5-1015el, dv5-1015es, dv5-1015nr, dv5-1015tx, dv5-1016el, dv5-1016tx, dv5-1017el, dv5-1017nr, dv5-1017tx, dv5-1018el, dv5-1018tx, dv5-1019el, dv5-1019tx, dv5-1020ea, dv5-1020ec, dv5-1020ed, dv5-1020ef, dv5-1020eh, dv5-1020el, dv5-1020en, dv5-1020eo, dv5-1020ep, dv5-1020er, dv5-1020es, dv5-1020et, dv5-1020ev, dv5-1020ew, dv5-1020ez, dv5-1020tx, dv5-1021el, dv5-1021eo, dv5-1021et, dv5-1021tx, dv5-1022el, dv5-1022eo, dv5-1022la, dv5-1022tx, dv5-1023es, dv5-1023tx, dv5-1024el, dv5-1024tx, dv5-1025eb, dv5-1025eg, dv5-1025el, dv5-1025ep, dv5-1025er, dv5-1025es, dv5-1025tx, dv5-1026el, dv5-1026eo, dv5-1026es, dv5-1026tx, dv5-1027el, dv5-1027eo, dv5-1027es, dv5-1027tx, dv5-1028ca, dv5-1028tx, dv5-1029tx, dv5-1030eb, dv5-1030ec, dv5-1030ee, dv5-1030ef, dv5-1030eg, dv5-1030ei, dv5-1030el, dv5-1030en, dv5-1030eo, dv5-1030ep, dv5-1030er, dv5-1030es, dv5-1030ev, dv5-1030ew, dv5-1030tx, dv5-1031el, dv5-1031tx, dv5-1032eg, dv5-1032el, dv5-1032tx, dv5-1033el, dv5-1033ez, dv5-1033tx, dv5-1034ca, dv5-1034el, dv5-1034tx, dv5-1035ec, dv5-1035el, dv5-1035eo, dv5-1035er, dv5-1035es, dv5-1035tx, dv5-1036el, dv5-1036ez, dv5-1036tx, dv5-1037eo, dv5-1037tx, dv5-1038tx, dv5-1039tx, dv5-1040eb, dv5-1040ec, dv5-1040ee, dv5-1040eg, dv5-1040eh, dv5-1040ei, dv5-1040el, dv5-1040en, dv5-1040eo, dv5-1040ep, dv5-1040er, dv5-1040es, dv5-1040et, dv5-1040ev, dv5-1040ew, dv5-1040ez, dv5-1040tx, dv5-1041et, dv5-1041tx, dv5-1042ez, dv5-1042tx, dv5-1043tx, dv5-1044ca, dv5-1044tx, dv5-1045er, dv5-1045es, dv5-1045tx, dv5-1046tx, dv5-1047tx, dv5-1048er, dv5-1048tx, dv5-1049tx, dv5-1050ed, dv5-1050ee, dv5-1050ei, dv5-1050ek, dv5-1050en, dv5-1050eo, dv5-1050ep, dv5-1050er, dv5-1050es, dv5-1050ev, dv5-1050ew, dv5-1050tx, dv5-1051tx, dv5-1052tx, dv5-1053tx, dv5-1054tx, dv5-1055eo, dv5-1055er, dv5-1055tx, dv5-1056tx, dv5-1057tx, dv5-1058eo, dv5-1058tx, dv5-1059tx, dv5-1060ec, dv5-1060ee, dv5-1060eh, dv5-1060ei, dv5-1060ej, dv5-1060el, dv5-1060eo, dv5-1060ew, dv5-1060tx, dv5-1061tx, dv5-1062ez, dv5-1062tx, dv5-1063tx, dv5-1065ec, dv5-1070ec, dv5-1070ee, dv5-1070el, dv5-1070eo, dv5-1070er, dv5-1070es, dv5-1070ew, dv5-1073ez, dv5-1075er, dv5-1080eh, dv5-1080ei, dv5-1080el, dv5-1080es, dv5-1080ev, dv5-1085eo, dv5-1087eo, dv5-1089eo, dv5-1090eo, dv5-1090es, dv5-1091eo, dv5-1093xx, dv5-1094eo, dv5-1094xx, dv5-1095eo, dv5-1098xx, dv5-1007el, dv5-1064tx, dv5-1002xx, dv5-1004xx, dv5-1096xx, dv5-1098nr, dv5-1099nr, dv5-1099xx, DV5-1015CA, DV5-1018CA, dv5-1000t CTO Pavilion dv5-1100 Series Pavilion dv5-1100ef, dv5-1101ax, dv5-1101tu, dv5-1101tx, dv5-1102ax, dv5-1102tu, dv5-1102tx, dv5-1103ax, dv5-1103ee, dv5-1103ef, dv5-1103em, dv5-1103tu, dv5-1103tx, dv5-1104ax, dv5-1104tu, dv5-1104tx, dv5-1105ax, dv5-1105eg, dv5-1105em, dv5-1105tu, dv5-1105tx, dv5-1106ax, dv5-1106tx, dv5-1107ax, dv5-1107ef, dv5-1107tx, dv5-1108eg, dv5-1108tx, dv5-1109tx Special Edition, dv5-1110ee, dv5-1110ef, dv5-1110eg, dv5-1110ei, dv5-1110em, dv5-1110es, dv5-1110tx Special Edition, dv5-1111ea, dv5-1111tx Special Edition, dv5-1112ea, dv5-1112tx, dv5-1113tx, dv5-1113us, dv5-1114ez, dv5-1114tx Special Edition, dv5-1115ec, dv5-1115em, dv5-1115tx, dv5-1116ee, dv5-1116em, dv5-1116tx Special Edition, dv5-1116us, dv5-1117tx Special Edition, dv5-1118ca, dv5-1118tx, dv5-1119nr, dv5-1119tx, dv5-1120ec, dv5-1120en, dv5-1120er, dv5-1120es, dv5-1120tx, dv5-1120us, dv5-1121tx, dv5-1122tx, dv5-1123ef, dv5-1123em, dv5-1124ca, dv5-1124ez, dv5-1125em, dv5-1125nr, dv5-1126ee, dv5-1126em, dv5-1127cl, dv5-1130ca, dv5-1130ea, dv5-1130ef, dv5-1130eg, dv5-1130en, dv5-1132us, dv5-1133ca, dv5-1133ei, dv5-1135ca, dv5-1135ee, dv5-1135ef, dv5-1140ec, dv5-1140en, dv5-1140ep, dv5-1140us, dv5-1145ee, dv5-1150ef, dv5-1150eg, dv5-1150en, dv5-1150ep, dv5-1150us, dv5-1153ei, dv5-1154ez, dv5-1155ec, dv5-1155ee, dv5-1157ca, dv5-1159se, dv5-1160ec, dv5-1160ep, dv5-1160es, dv5-1160us, dv5-1163el, dv5-1165ep, dv5-1166us, dv5-1174ca, dv5-1183cl, dv5-1190er, dv5-1192er, dv5-1193er, dv5-1196xx, dv5-1198er, dv5-1198xx, dv5-1199eg, dv5-1199xx, dv5-1100el, dv5-1100et, dv5-1100ew, dv5-1101el, dv5-1101em, dv5-1101en, dv5-1101et, dv5-1102el, dv5-1102et, dv5-1103el, dv5-1104ef, dv5-1104el, dv5-1104em, dv5-1105el, dv5-1105et, dv5-1105ev, dv5-1106el, dv5-1107el, dv5-1108ax, dv5-1108ea, dv5-1108el, dv5-1108em, dv5-1109ax, dv5-1109el, dv5-1109tx, dv5-1110ax, dv5-1110ea, dv5-1110ed, dv5-1110ej, dv5-1110el, dv5-1110eo, dv5-1110et, dv5-1110ew, dv5-1110ez, dv5-1110tx, dv5-1111ax, dv5-1111el, dv5-1111en, dv5-1111es, dv5-1111tx, dv5-1112ax, dv5-1112ca, dv5-1112eg, dv5-1112el, dv5-1112es, dv5-1113ax, dv5-1113el, dv5-1113eo, dv5-1113es, dv5-1114ax, dv5-1114el, dv5-1114es, dv5-1114tx, dv5-1115eb, dv5-1115eg, dv5-1115el, dv5-1115eo, dv5-1115es, dv5-1115et, dv5-1116el, dv5-1116ez, dv5-1116tx, dv5-1117eb, dv5-1117ec, dv5-1117el, dv5-1117tx, dv5-1118el, dv5-1118eo, dv5-1118es, dv5-1119eg, dv5-1119em, dv5-1120ed, dv5-1120eg, dv5-1120eh, dv5-1120ej, dv5-1120ek, dv5-1120el, dv5-1120eo, dv5-1120et, dv5-1120ev, dv5-1120ew, dv5-1120ez, dv5-1121ca, dv5-1121el, dv5-1121en, dv5-1122ef, dv5-1122eg, dv5-1122el, dv5-1123el, dv5-1123tx, dv5-1124el, dv5-1124tx, dv5-1125br, dv5-1125ec, dv5-1125ef, dv5-1125eg, dv5-1125ek, dv5-1125en, dv5-1125eo, dv5-1125es, dv5-1125tx, dv5-1126es, dv5-1126tx, dv5-1127eg, dv5-1127ez, dv5-1127tx, dv5-1128ca, dv5-1128el, dv5-1128eo, dv5-1128tx, dv5-1129tx, dv5-1130ec, dv5-1130ed, dv5-1130ei, dv5-1130ej, dv5-1130ek, dv5-1130ep, dv5-1130es, dv5-1130et, dv5-1130ev, dv5-1130ew, dv5-1130tx, dv5-1131en, dv5-1131la, dv5-1131tx, dv5-1132es, dv5-1132la, dv5-1132tx, dv5-1133es, dv5-1133la, dv5-1133tx, dv5-1134tx, dv5-1135ei, dv5-1135es, dv5-1135la, dv5-1135tx, dv5-1136ei, dv5-1136tx, dv5-1137la, dv5-1137tx, dv5-1138ca, dv5-1138nr, dv5-1138tx, dv5-1139tx, dv5-1140br, dv5-1140ed, dv5-1140eg, dv5-1140eh, dv5-1140ei, dv5-1140ek, dv5-1140el, dv5-1140eo, dv5-1140es, dv5-1140ew, dv5-1140ez, dv5-1140la, dv5-1140tx, dv5-1141en, dv5-1141la, dv5-1141tx, dv5-1142eg, dv5-1142la, dv5-1142tx, dv5-1143la, dv5-1144el, dv5-1144la, dv5-1145eo, dv5-1145ev, dv5-1147la, dv5-1150ec, dv5-1150ed, dv5-1150ei, dv5-1150em, dv5-1150eo, dv5-1150er, dv5-1150et, dv5-1150ew, dv5-1151eg, dv5-1151en, dv5-1153eo, dv5-1155ef, dv5-1155eg, dv5-1155eo, dv5-1155ep, dv5-1155es, dv5-1156eg, dv5-1157eg, dv5-1158ep, dv5-1160br, dv5-1160ed, dv5-1160eg, dv5-1160eh, dv5-1160ei, dv5-1160ej, dv5-1160ek, dv5-1160en, dv5-1160eo, dv5-1160et, dv5-1160ev, dv5-1160ew, dv5-1161eg, dv5-1161en, dv5-1164er, dv5-1165er, dv5-1168er, dv5-1169er, dv5-1170ei, dv5-1170el, dv5-1170eo, dv5-1170ep, dv5-1170er, dv5-1170es, dv5-1170et, dv5-1170ew, dv5-1171en, dv5-1172el, dv5-1175eo, dv5-1176er, dv5-1177er, dv5-1178er, dv5-1179ej, dv5-1179er, dv5-1180eh, dv5-1180eo, dv5-1180et, dv5-1181en, dv5-1185eo, dv5-1187eg, dv5-1190eg, dv5-1190eh, dv5-1190ej, dv5-1190eo, dv5-1190ep, dv5-1191eg, dv5-1192eo, dv5-1194eo, dv5-1196eo, dv5-1198eg, dv5-1199ec, dv5-1199ee, dv5-1199ef, dv5-1199eh, dv5-1199ei, dv5-1199ek, dv5-1199el, dv5-1199eo, dv5-1199er, dv5-1199es, dv5-1199ev, dv5-1199ew, dv5-1199ez, dv5-1111ca, dv5-1115ej, dv5-1126tx Special Edition, dv5-1127tx Special Edition, dv5-1128tx Special Edition, dv5-1129tx Special Edition, dv5-1134ca, dv5-1140tx Special Edition, dv5-1142tx Special Edition, dv5-1143tx, dv5-1197xx, dv5-1103u Pavilion dv5-1200 Series Pavilion dv5-1200eg, dv5-1201au, dv5-1201ax, dv5-1201tu, dv5-1201tx, dv5-1202au, dv5-1202ax, dv5-1202tu, dv5-1202tx, dv5-1203au, dv5-1203ax, dv5-1203tu, dv5-1203tx, dv5-1204au, dv5-1204ax, dv5-1204tu, dv5-1204tx, dv5-1205ax, dv5-1205ee, dv5-1205eg, dv5-1205tu, dv5-1205tx, dv5-1206ax, dv5-1206tu, dv5-1206tx, dv5-1207ax, dv5-1207tu, dv5-1207tx, dv5-1208ax, dv5-1208tu, dv5-1208tx, dv5-1209ax, dv5-1209tx, dv5-1210ax, dv5-1210ea, dv5-1210ef, dv5-1210eg, dv5-1210el, dv5-1210em, dv5-1210en, dv5-1210es, dv5-1210et, dv5-1210ew, dv5-1210ez, dv5-1210tx, dv5-1211ax, dv5-1211em, dv5-1211tx, dv5-1212ax, dv5-1212em, dv5-1212tx, dv5-1213em, dv5-1213tx, dv5-1214tx, dv5-1215ca, dv5-1215ee, dv5-1215ef, dv5-1215em, dv5-1215tx, dv5-1216tx, dv5-1217tx, dv5-1218tx, dv5-1219tx, dv5-1220eg, dv5-1220et, dv5-1220ew, dv5-1220ez, dv5-1220tx, dv5-1221er, dv5-1221tx, dv5-1222tx, dv5-1223tx, dv5-1224tx, dv5-1225ca, dv5-1225ee, dv5-1225tx, dv5-1226tx, dv5-1227ca, dv5-1227tx, dv5-1228tx, dv5-1229tx, dv5-1230eg, dv5-1230en, dv5-1230es, dv5-1230et, dv5-1230ew, dv5-1230tx, dv5-1231tx, dv5-1232tx, dv5-1233se, dv5-1235dx, dv5-1235ee, dv5-1240et, dv5-1240ew, dv5-1250eg, dv5-1250en, dv5-1250er, dv5-1250et, dv5-1250us, dv5-1251eg, dv5-1251nr, dv5-1253cl, dv5-1255er, dv5-1260er, dv5-1260et, dv5-1270eg, dv5-1270en, dv5-1270eo, dv5-1270eq, dv5-1270es, dv5-1290eg, dv5-1290eq, dv5-1290er, dv5-1299ed, dv5-1299ee, dv5-1299ei, dv5-1299ek, dv5-1299eo, dv5-1299es, dv5-1299ew, dv5-1200eo, dv5-1201el, dv5-1203eg, dv5-1203el, dv5-1203em, dv5-1204em, dv5-1205au, dv5-1205ef, dv5-1205ei, dv5-1205el, dv5-1205eo, dv5-1205ew, dv5-1206au, dv5-1207au, dv5-1207eg, dv5-1207el, dv5-1207eo, dv5-1208au, dv5-1209eo, dv5-1209tu, dv5-1210ec, dv5-1210ed, dv5-1210eo, dv5-1210ep, dv5-1210eq, dv5-1210tu, dv5-1211ea, dv5-1212ef, dv5-1212eo, dv5-1212et, dv5-1213ax, dv5-1213ea, dv5-1214ax, dv5-1214el, dv5-1214em, dv5-1214eo, dv5-1215ax, dv5-1215ei, dv5-1215el, dv5-1215ep, dv5-1215et, dv5-1215ew, dv5-1216ax, dv5-1217ax, dv5-1217el, dv5-1217ez, dv5-1218ax, dv5-1220br, dv5-1220eb, dv5-1220ed, dv5-1220em, dv5-1220eo, dv5-1220es, dv5-1222er, dv5-1223er, dv5-1225ei, dv5-1225el, dv5-1225eo, dv5-1225et, dv5-1225ew, dv5-1227ee, dv5-1230ec, dv5-1230us, dv5-1233tx, dv5-1234se, dv5-1234tx, dv5-1235ec, dv5-1235et, dv5-1235ew, dv5-1235la, dv5-1235tx, dv5-1236la, dv5-1236tx, dv5-1237la, dv5-1237tx, dv5-1240br, dv5-1240ec, dv5-1240eo, dv5-1240er, dv5-1241la, dv5-1244la, dv5-1245er, dv5-1245et, dv5-1247la, dv5-1250ec, dv5-1250ej, dv5-1250eo, dv5-1250eq, dv5-1250ev, dv5-1252eg, dv5-1253eg, dv5-1253eo, dv5-1254eg, dv5-1255eg, dv5-1255eo, dv5-1255et, dv5-1260br, dv5-1260eo, dv5-1261eo, dv5-1264eo, dv5-1265eo, dv5-1270br, dv5-1270ec, dv5-1270et, dv5-1272et, dv5-1290ec, dv5-1299ej, dv5-1299ev, dv5-1299ez, dv5-1206tx Special Edition, dv5-1207tx Special Edition, dv5-1208tx Special Edition, dv5-1209tx Special Edition, dv5-1210tx Special Edition, dv5-1216tx Special Edition, dv5-1217tx Special Edition, dv5-1226tx Special Edition, dv5-1229tx Special Edition, dv5-1234ca, dv5-1238tx, dv5-1245la, dv5-1254us, Pavilion dv5t-1000 Series, Pavilion dv5t-1000, dv5t-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv5t-1100 Series, Pavilion dv5t-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv5t-1200 Series, Pavilion dv5t-1200se CTO, Pavilion dv5tse-1100 Series, Pavilion dv5tse-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv5z-1000 Series, Pavilion dv5z-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv5z-1100 Series, Pavilion dv5z-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv5z-1200 Series, Pavilion dv5z-1200 CTO

Pavilion DV6 Series
Pavilion dv6-1000 Series, Pavilion dv6-1001tx, dv6-1001xx, dv6-1002tx, dv6-1003tx, dv6-1004tx, dv6-1005ea, dv6-1005tx, dv6-1006tx, dv6-1007tx, dv6-1008tx, dv6-1009tx, dv6-1010tx, dv6-1011tx, dv6-1012tx, dv6-1013tx, dv6-1016ez, dv6-1027ef, dv6-1030ca, dv6-1030us, dv6-1033ca, dv6-1038ca, dv6-1050us, dv6-1053cl, dv6-1080el, dv6-1090es, dv6-1000eg, dv6-1000et, dv6-1005ez, dv6-1009el, dv6-1010ea, dv6-1010ed, dv6-1010ef, dv6-1010et, dv6-1012el, dv6-1013ea, dv6-1014el, dv6-1014tx, dv6-1016el, dv6-1018el, dv6-1020ec, dv6-1020ed, dv6-1020ef, dv6-1020ei, dv6-1020ej, dv6-1020ek, dv6-1020el, dv6-1020eq, dv6-1020es, dv6-1020et, dv6-1021el, dv6-1022el, dv6-1023ef, dv6-1023em, dv6-1025ef, dv6-1025ei, dv6-1025em, dv6-1025ez, dv6-1027nr, dv6-1030eb, dv6-1030ec, dv6-1030ed, dv6-1030ef, dv6-1030em, dv6-1030eo, dv6-1030eq, dv6-1039el, dv6-1040eb, dv6-1040ed, dv6-1040ei, dv6-1040ej, dv6-1040ek, dv6-1040el, dv6-1040ev, dv6-1040ez, dv6-1042el, dv6-1044el, dv6-1045ee, dv6-1045ei, dv6-1045eo, dv6-1045ez, dv6-1046el, dv6-1050ef, dv6-1050ei, dv6-1050en, dv6-1050eo, dv6-1050ep, dv6-1050es, dv6-1050et, dv6-1051xx, dv6-1054cl, dv6-1055ee, dv6-1055eo, dv6-1056el, dv6-1058el, dv6-1060ek, dv6-1060el, dv6-1060eo, dv6-1060es, dv6-1060ev, dv6-1062el, dv6-1066el, dv6-1068el, dv6-1070eo, dv6-1080eq, dv6-1080es, dv6-1090eo, dv6-1099ef, dv6-1015tx, Pavilion dv6t-1000 Series, Pavilion dv6t-1000 CTO

Pavilion DV7 Series
Pavilion dv7-1000 Series, Pavilion dv7-1000ea, dv7-1000ef, dv7-1000eg, dv7-1001ea, dv7-1001ef, dv7-1001eg, dv7-1001tx, dv7-1001xx, dv7-1002ea, dv7-1002tx, dv7-1002xx, dv7-1003ea, dv7-1003el, dv7-1003eo, dv7-1003tx, dv7-1003xx, dv7-1004ea, dv7-1004tx, dv7-1005ef, dv7-1005eg, dv7-1005eo, dv7-1005es, dv7-1005tx, dv7-1006tx, dv7-1007ef, dv7-1007tx, dv7-1008ef, dv7-1008eg, dv7-1008tx, dv7-1009tx, dv7-1010ed, dv7-1010ef, dv7-1010eg, dv7-1010el, dv7-1010eo, dv7-1010ep, dv7-1010es, dv7-1010et, dv7-1010tx, dv7-1011tx, dv7-1012tx, dv7-1013tx, dv7-1014ca, dv7-1014tx, dv7-1015eg, dv7-1015el, dv7-1015eo, dv7-1015tx, dv7-1016nr, dv7-1016tx, dv7-1017eg, dv7-1017tx, dv7-1018eg, dv7-1018tx, dv7-1019tx, dv7-1020ea, dv7-1020eg, dv7-1020el, dv7-1020eo, dv7-1020es, dv7-1020ev, dv7-1020ew, dv7-1020tx, dv7-1020us, dv7-1021tx, dv7-1022tx, dv7-1023cl, dv7-1023em, dv7-1023tx, dv7-1024el, dv7-1024tx, dv7-1025eg, dv7-1025nr, dv7-1025tx, dv7-1026tx, dv7-1027ca, dv7-1027tx, dv7-1029eg, dv7-1029tx, dv7-1030eb, dv7-1030ef, dv7-1030eg, dv7-1030el, dv7-1030en, dv7-1030eo, dv7-1030ep, dv7-1030es, dv7-1030ev, dv7-1030tx, dv7-1031tx, dv7-1032tx, dv7-1033tx, dv7-1034ca, dv7-1035ef, dv7-1035em, dv7-1035eo, dv7-1035es, dv7-1038ca, dv7-1040ec, dv7-1040ef, dv7-1040em, dv7-1040eo, dv7-1040es, dv7-1040et, dv7-1040ew, dv7-1045eg, dv7-1045tx, dv7-1048ez, dv7-1050ea, dv7-1050eb, dv7-1050ed, dv7-1050ef, dv7-1050eg, dv7-1050eo, dv7-1050er, dv7-1051xx, dv7-1052xx, dv7-1053ez, dv7-1053xx, dv7-1055ea, dv7-1060ec, dv7-1060ef, dv7-1060eg, dv7-1060el, dv7-1060em, dv7-1060en, dv7-1060eo, dv7-1060ep, dv7-1060ew, dv7-1060ez, dv7-1065ef, dv7-1067ef, dv7-1070eb, dv7-1070ed, dv7-1070ee, dv7-1070ef, dv7-1070eg, dv7-1070ek, dv7-1070el, dv7-1070eo, dv7-1070ev, dv7-1075la, dv7-1080ed, dv7-1080el, dv7-1080eo, dv7-1080es, dv7-1080ew, dv7-1080ez, dv7-1090eb, dv7-1090ed, dv7-1090en, dv7-1090eo, dv7-1090er, dv7-1092eo, dv7-1093eo, dv7-1094eo, dv7-1095eo, dv7-1098eo, dv7-1099ef, dv7-1034tx, dv7-1070ei, Pavilion dv7-1100 Series, Pavilion dv7-1100eg, dv7-1100em, dv7-1101tx, dv7-1101xx, dv7-1102xx, dv7-1103ea, dv7-1103ef, dv7-1103xx, dv7-1105ea, dv7-1105ef, dv7-1105eg, dv7-1105em, dv7-1106ef, dv7-1107ea, dv7-1107em, dv7-1110ea, dv7-1110ef, dv7-1110eg, dv7-1110es, dv7-1114ef, dv7-1115ef, dv7-1117ef, dv7-1117em, dv7-1120ef, dv7-1120eg, dv7-1120em, dv7-1123ca, dv7-1123ef, dv7-1125ea, dv7-1125ef, dv7-1127cl, dv7-1128ca, dv7-1129wm, dv7-1130ea, dv7-1130en, dv7-1130us, dv7-1132nr, dv7-1133cl, dv7-1134ez, dv7-1134us, dv7-1135ea, dv7-1135nr, dv7-1137us, dv7-1140eg, dv7-1140en, dv7-1145ef, dv7-1150ef, dv7-1150es, dv7-1150us, dv7-1151xx, dv7-1153ca, dv7-1157cl, dv7-1160eg, dv7-1160ep, dv7-1160es, dv7-1165eg, dv7-1170eg, dv7-1170us, dv7-1174ca, dv7-1175nr, dv7-1177ca, dv7-1183cl, dv7-1190eg, dv7-1190er, dv7-1195er, dv7-1199eg, dv7-1100ef, dv7-1101ef, dv7-1101em, dv7-1102tx, dv7-1103tx, dv7-1104tx, dv7-1105tx, dv7-1106eg, dv7-1106tx, dv7-1107ef, dv7-1107tx, dv7-1110eb, dv7-1110ed, dv7-1110el, dv7-1110en, dv7-1110eo, dv7-1112eg, dv7-1113eo, dv7-1115eb, dv7-1115eg, dv7-1115eo, dv7-1115ez, dv7-1116ef, dv7-1118eg, dv7-1118eo, dv7-1119ef, dv7-1119em, dv7-1120eb, dv7-1120ed, dv7-1120el, dv7-1120eo, dv7-1120ew, dv7-1122eg, dv7-1123eg, dv7-1123eo, dv7-1125eb, dv7-1125eg, dv7-1125eo, dv7-1125ez, dv7-1126el, dv7-1127eo, dv7-1128eo, dv7-1128ez, dv7-1130ed, dv7-1130eg, dv7-1130ei, dv7-1130el, dv7-1130eo, dv7-1130ev, dv7-1130ew, dv7-1131eg, dv7-1132eg, dv7-1135eo, dv7-1137eo, dv7-1140eb, dv7-1140ec, dv7-1140ed, dv7-1140ek, dv7-1140eo, dv7-1140es, dv7-1140ew, dv7-1145eb, dv7-1145eg, dv7-1145es, dv7-1150eb, dv7-1150ed, dv7-1150eg, dv7-1150ej, dv7-1150et, dv7-1150ev, dv7-1150ew, dv7-1155es, dv7-1155ez, dv7-1157es, dv7-1160eb, dv7-1160ed, dv7-1160ek, dv7-1160eo, dv7-1160er, dv7-1165eb, dv7-1165er, dv7-1166eg, dv7-1169er, dv7-1170el, dv7-1170eo, dv7-1170ez, dv7-1172eg, dv7-1173er, dv7-1175eg, dv7-1175eo, dv7-1175er, dv7-1179er, dv7-1180eg, dv7-1180eo, dv7-1185eg, dv7-1190eo, dv7-1190es, dv7-1190et, dv7-1195eg, dv7-1195eo, dv7-1196eg, dv7-1198eg, dv7-1199ec, dv7-1199ed, dv7-1199ef, dv7-1199el, dv7-1199eo, dv7-1199es, dv7-1199ev, dv7-1199ew, dv7-1199ez, Pavilion dv7-1200 Series, Pavilion dv7-1200eg, dv7-1201ef, dv7-1201eg, dv7-1201tx, dv7-1202tx, dv7-1203ef, dv7-1203em, dv7-1203tx, dv7-1204ef, dv7-1204tx, dv7-1205ef, dv7-1205eg, dv7-1205tx, dv7-1206tx, dv7-1207ef, dv7-1207tx, dv7-1208tx, dv7-1209ef, dv7-1209em, dv7-1209tx, dv7-1210ea, dv7-1210ed, dv7-1210eg, dv7-1210er, dv7-1210tx, dv7-1211ea, dv7-1211tx, dv7-1212ea, dv7-1212tx, dv7-1213tx, dv7-1215ef, dv7-1215eg, dv7-1215er, dv7-1215ez, dv7-1220ed, dv7-1220eg, dv7-1220er, dv7-1220ew, dv7-1222ez, dv7-1223ca, dv7-1225ef, dv7-1228ca, dv7-1230ed, dv7-1230eg, dv7-1230ew, dv7-1232nr, dv7-1236ez, dv7-1240ed, dv7-1240ek, dv7-1240us, dv7-1243cl, dv7-1245ca, dv7-1245dx, dv7-1245ef, dv7-1247cl, dv7-1250ed, dv7-1250eg, dv7-1250en, dv7-1250eo, dv7-1250ep, dv7-1250es, dv7-1251eg, dv7-1253ca, dv7-1260ek, dv7-1260es, dv7-1260ew, dv7-1260us, dv7-1264nr, dv7-1267cl, dv7-1270ca, dv7-1270eg, dv7-1270es, dv7-1270ez, dv7-1270us, dv7-1273cl, dv7-1275dx, dv7-1279wm, dv7-1280eg, dv7-1280es, dv7-1280ew, dv7-1285dx, dv7-1290eg, dv7-1290eo, dv7-1299ed, dv7-1299ef, dv7-1299es, dv7-1299ew, dv7-1200eo, dv7-1202ef, dv7-1204eg, dv7-1205eo, dv7-1206ef, dv7-1206el, dv7-1206ez, dv7-1208ef, dv7-1208ez, dv7-1210ef, dv7-1210el, dv7-1210eo, dv7-1210et, dv7-1213ea, dv7-1214ea, dv7-1214tx, dv7-1215eo, dv7-1215tx, dv7-1216tx, dv7-1217ef, dv7-1220eb, dv7-1220ef, dv7-1220el, dv7-1220em, dv7-1220eo, dv7-1220es, dv7-1225eo, dv7-1225ez, dv7-1230eb, dv7-1230eo, dv7-1230et, dv7-1230ez, dv7-1233eo, dv7-1235eo, dv7-1240eb, dv7-1240el, dv7-1240eo, dv7-1245eo, dv7-1249ef, dv7-1250eb, dv7-1252eg, dv7-1253eo, dv7-1255eo, dv7-1260eo, dv7-1261wm, dv7-1262eg, dv7-1262us, dv7-1265eo, dv7-1270eo, dv7-1273eo, dv7-1275eo, dv7-1280ec, dv7-1289eg, dv7-1298el, dv7-1299eb, dv7-1299el, dv7-1252xx, dv7-1201xx, Pavilion dv7t-1000 Series, Pavilion dv7t-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-1100 Series, Pavilion dv7t-1100 CTO, Pavilion dv7t-1200 Series Pavilion dv7t-1200 CTO, Pavilion dv7z-1000 Series, Pavilion dv7z-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv7z-1000 Series, Pavilion dv7z-1000 CTO, Pavilion dv7z-1100 Series, Pavilion dv7z-1100 CTO

Presario CQ20 Series
Presario CQ20-100, CQ20-101TU, CQ20-102TU, CQ20-103TU, CQ20-104TU, CQ20-105TU, CQ20-106TU, CQ20-107TU, CQ20-108TU, CQ20-109TU, CQ20-110TU, CQ20-111TU, CQ20-112TU, CQ20-113TU, CQ20-114TU, CQ20-115TU, CQ20-116TU, CQ20-117TU, CQ20-118TU, CQ20-119TU, CQ20-120TU, CQ20-121TU, CQ20-122TU, CQ20-123TU, CQ20-124TU, CQ20-125TU, CQ20-126TU, CQ20-127TU, CQ20-128TU, CQ20-129TU, CQ20-130TU, CQ20-201TU, CQ20-202TU, CQ20-203TU, CQ20-204TU, CQ20-205TU, CQ20-206TU, CQ20-207TU, CQ20-208TU, CQ20-209TU, CQ20-210TU, CQ20-211TU, CQ20-212TU, CQ20-213TU, CQ20-214TU, CQ20-215TU, CQ20-216TU, CQ20-217TU, CQ20-218TU, CQ20, CQ20-219TU, CQ20-220TU, CQ20-221TU, CQ20-222TU, CQ20-223TU, CQ20-224TU, CQ20-225TU, CQ20-100 CTO, CQ20-301TU, CQ20-302TU, CQ20-303TU, CQ20-304TU, CQ20-305TU, CQ20-306TU, CQ20-307TU, CQ20-308TU, CQ20-309TU, CQ20-310TU, CQ20-311TU, CQ20-312TU, CQ20-313TU, CQ20-314TU, CQ20-315TU, CQ20-316TU, CQ20-317TU, CQ20-318TU, CQ20-319TU, CQ20-320TU, CQ20-321TU, CQ20-322TU, CQ20-323TU, CQ20-324TU, CQ20-325TU, CQ20-326TU, CQ20-327TU, CQ20-328TU, CQ20-329TU, CQ20-330TU, CQ20-331TU, CQ20-401TU, CQ20-402TU, CQ20-403TU, CQ20-404TU, CQ20-405TU, CQ20-406TU, CQ20-407TU, CQ20-408TU, CQ20-409TU, CQ20-410TU, CQ20-411TU, CQ20-412TU, CQ20-414TU, CQ20-415TU

Presario CQ35 Series
Presario CQ35-101TU, CQ35-101TX, CQ35-102TU, CQ35-102TX, CQ35-103TU, CQ35-103TX, CQ35-104TU, CQ35-104TX, CQ35-105TU, CQ35-105TX, CQ35-106TU, CQ35-106TX, CQ35-107TU, CQ35-107TX, CQ35-108TU, CQ35-108TX, CQ35-109TU, CQ35-109TX, CQ35-110TU, CQ35-110TX, CQ35-111TU, CQ35-111TX, CQ35-112TU, CQ35-112TX, CQ35-113TU, CQ35-113TX, CQ35-114TU, CQ35-114TX, CQ35-115TU, CQ35-115TX, CQ35-116TU, CQ35-116TX, CQ35-117TU, CQ35-117TX, CQ35-118TX, CQ35-119TX, CQ35-120TX, CQ35-121TX, CQ35-122TX, CQ35-124TX, CQ35-125TX, CQ35-126TX, CQ35-127TX, CQ35-128TX, CQ35-129TX, CQ35-216TU, CQ35-217TX, CQ35-222TX, CQ35-224TX, CQ35-225TX, CQ35-226TX, CQ35-227TX, CQ35-228TX, CQ35-229TX, CQ35-230TX, CQ35-118TU, CQ35-201TX, CQ35-202TU, CQ35-202TX, CQ35-203TX, CQ35-204TX, CQ35-205TX, CQ35-206TU, CQ35-207TU, CQ35-208TU, CQ35-211TX, CQ35-213TX, CQ35-214TX, CQ35-215TU, CQ35-217TU, CQ35-218TU, CQ35-219TX, CQ35-220TU, CQ35-221TU, CQ35-223TX, CQ35-233TX, CQ35-235TX, CQ35-236TX, CQ35-238TX, CQ35-240TX, CQ35-241TX, CQ35-242TX, CQ35-243TX, CQ35-244TX, CQ35-301TU, CQ35-301TX, CQ35-303TX, CQ35-304TU, CQ35-305TU, CQ35-305TX, CQ35-307TU, CQ35-310TU, CQ35-312TU, CQ35-312TX, CQ35-313TX, CQ35-314TX, CQ35-315TX, CQ35-318TX, CQ35-319TX, CQ35-320TX, CQ35-321TX, CQ35-328TX, CQ35-331TX, CQ35-332TX, CQ35-334TX, CQ35-336TX, CQ35-337TX, CQ35-401TU, CQ35-401TX, CQ35-406TU, CQ35-406TX, CQ35-408TX, CQ35-409TX

Presario CQ40 Series
Presario CQ40-100, CQ40-101AU, CQ40-101AX, CQ40-101TU, CQ40-102AU, CQ40-102AX, CQ40-102TU, CQ40-103AU, CQ40-103AX, CQ40-103TU, CQ40-104AU, CQ40-104AX, CQ40-104TU, CQ40-105AU, CQ40-105AX, CQ40-105TU, CQ40-106AU, CQ40-106AX, CQ40-106TU, CQ40-107AU, CQ40-107AX, CQ40-107TU, CQ40-108AU, CQ40-108AX, CQ40-108TU, CQ40-109AU, CQ40-109AX, CQ40-109TU, CQ40-110AU, CQ40-110AX, CQ40-110TU, CQ40-111AU, CQ40-111AX, CQ40-111TU, CQ40-112AU, CQ40-112AX, CQ40-112TU, CQ40-113AU, CQ40-113AX, CQ40-113TU, CQ40-114AU, CQ40-114AX, CQ40-114TU, CQ40-115AU, CQ40-115AX, CQ40-115TU, CQ40-116AU, CQ40-116AX, CQ40-116TU, CQ40-117AU, CQ40-117AX, CQ40-117TU, CQ40-118AU, CQ40-118AX, CQ40-118TU, CQ40-119AU, CQ40-119AX, CQ40-119TU, CQ40-120AU, CQ40-120AX, CQ40-120TU, CQ40-121AU, CQ40-121AX, CQ40-121TU, CQ40-122AX, CQ40-122TU, CQ40-123AX, CQ40-123TU, CQ40-124AX, CQ40-124TU, CQ40-125AX, CQ40-125TU, CQ40-126AX, CQ40-126TU, CQ40-127AX, CQ40-127TU, CQ40-128AX, CQ40-129AX, CQ40-129TU, CQ40-130AX, CQ40-130TU, CQ40-131TU, CQ40-132TU, CQ40-133TU, CQ40-134TU, CQ40-135TU, CQ40-136TU, CQ40-137TU, CQ40-138TU, CQ40-139TU, CQ40-140TU, CQ40-141TU, CQ40-142TU, CQ40-143TU, CQ40-144TU, CQ40-145TU, CQ40-201XX, CQ40, CQ40-100 CTO, CQ40-122AU, CQ40-123AU, CQ40-124AU, CQ40-125AU, CQ40-126AU, CQ40-127AU, CQ40-128AU, CQ40-131AX, CQ40-132AX, CQ40-133AX, CQ40-134AX, CQ40-149TU, CQ40-150TU, CQ40-151TU, CQ40-152TU, CQ40-153TU, CQ40-154TU, CQ40-155TU, CQ40-156TU, CQ40-157TU, CQ40-158TU, CQ40-200 CTO, CQ40-301AU, CQ40-301AX, CQ40-301TU, CQ40-302AU, CQ40-302AX, CQ40-302TU, CQ40-303AU, CQ40-303AX, CQ40-303TU, CQ40-304AU, CQ40-304AX, CQ40-304TU, CQ40-305AU, CQ40-305AX, CQ40-305TU, CQ40-306AU, CQ40-306AX, CQ40-306TU, CQ40-307AU, CQ40-307AX, CQ40-307TU, CQ40-308AU, CQ40-308AX, CQ40-308TU, CQ40-309AU, CQ40-309AX, CQ40-309TU, CQ40-310AX, CQ40-310TU, CQ40-311AX, CQ40-311TU, CQ40-312AX, CQ40-312TU, CQ40-313AX, CQ40-313TU, CQ40-314AX, CQ40-314TU, CQ40-315AX, CQ40-315TU, CQ40-316AX, CQ40-316TU, CQ40-317TU, CQ40-318TU, CQ40-101XX, CQ40-129AU, CQ40-146TU, CQ40-147TU, CQ40-148TU, CQ40-151XX, CQ40-152XX, CQ40-215WM, CQ40-300 CTO, CQ40-300LA, CQ40-302LA, CQ40-304LA, CQ40-305LA, CQ40-310AU, CQ40-311AU, CQ40-311BR, CQ40-312AU, CQ40-312BR, CQ40-313AU, CQ40-314AU, CQ40-315AU, CQ40-316AU, CQ40-317AU, CQ40-317AX, CQ40-318AU, CQ40-318AX, CQ40-319AU, CQ40-319AX, CQ40-319TU, CQ40-320AX, CQ40-320LA, CQ40-320TU, CQ40-321AX, CQ40-321TU, CQ40-322AX, CQ40-322TU, CQ40-323AX, CQ40-323TU, CQ40-324AX, CQ40-324LA, CQ40-324TU, CQ40-325AX, CQ40-325LA, CQ40-325TU, CQ40-326TU, CQ40-327TU, CQ40-328TU, CQ40-329TU, CQ40-330TU, CQ40-331TU, CQ40-332TU, CQ40-333TU, CQ40-334TU, CQ40-335TU, CQ40-336TU, CQ40-337TU, CQ40-338TU, CQ40-339TU, CQ40-340TU, CQ40-341TU, CQ40-342TU, CQ40-343TU, CQ40-344TU, CQ40-345TU, CQ40-346TU, CQ40-401AU, CQ40-401AX, CQ40-401TU, CQ40-401TX, CQ40-402AU, CQ40-402AX, CQ40-402TU, CQ40-402TX, CQ40-403AU, CQ40-403AX, CQ40-403TU, CQ40-403TX, CQ40-404AU, CQ40-404AX, CQ40-404TU, CQ40-404TX, CQ40-405AU, CQ40-405AX, CQ40-405TU, CQ40-405TX, CQ40-406AU, CQ40-406AX, CQ40-406TU, CQ40-406TX, CQ40-407AU, CQ40-407AX, CQ40-407TU, CQ40-407TX, CQ40-408AU, CQ40-408AX, CQ40-408TU, CQ40-408TX, CQ40-409AU, CQ40-409AX, CQ40-409TU, CQ40-409TX, CQ40-410AU, CQ40-410AX, CQ40-410TU, CQ40-410TX, CQ40-411AU, CQ40-411AX, CQ40-411TU, CQ40-411TX, CQ40-412AU, CQ40-412AX, CQ40-412TU, CQ40-412TX, CQ40-413AU, CQ40-413AX, CQ40-413TU, CQ40-413TX, CQ40-414AU, CQ40-414AX, CQ40-414TU, CQ40-414TX, CQ40-415AU, CQ40-415AX, CQ40-415TU, CQ40-415TX, CQ40-416AU, CQ40-416AX, CQ40-416TU, CQ40-416TX, CQ40-417AU, CQ40-417AX, CQ40-417TU, CQ40-417TX, CQ40-418AX, CQ40-418TU, CQ40-418TX, CQ40-419AU, CQ40-419AX, CQ40-419TX, CQ40-420AX, CQ40-420TU, CQ40-420TX, CQ40-421AX, CQ40-421TU, CQ40-421TX, CQ40-422AX, CQ40-422TU, CQ40-422TX, CQ40-423AX, CQ40-423TU, CQ40-423TX, CQ40-424TU, CQ40-424TX, CQ40-425TU, CQ40-425TX, CQ40-426TU, CQ40-427TU, CQ40-428TU, CQ40-429TU, CQ40-430TU, CQ40-500LA, CQ40-501AU, CQ40-501TU, CQ40-501TX, CQ40-502AU, CQ40-502LA, CQ40-502TU, CQ40-502TX, CQ40-503AU, CQ40-503TU, CQ40-503TX, CQ40-504AU, CQ40-504TX, CQ40-505AU, CQ40-505LA, CQ40-505TU, CQ40-506AU, CQ40-506AX, CQ40-506TU, CQ40-507AU, CQ40-507AX, CQ40-508AU, CQ40-508AX, CQ40-509AU, CQ40-509AX, CQ40-510AX, CQ40-510TU, CQ40-511AX, CQ40-511TX, CQ40-512AX, CQ40-512TU, CQ40-512TX, CQ40-513AX, CQ40-513TX, CQ40-514TU, CQ40-514TX, CQ40-515TX, CQ40-516TU, CQ40-517TU, CQ40-517TX, CQ40-518TU, CQ40-519TU, CQ40-519TX, CQ40-520LA, CQ40-520TX, CQ40-521TX, CQ40-522TX, CQ40-523TU, CQ40-523TX, CQ40-525LA, CQ40-525TX, CQ40-526TX, CQ40-527TX, CQ40-529TX, CQ40-530TU, CQ40-533TU, CQ40-534TU, CQ40-538TU, CQ40-313BR, CQ40-314BR, CQ40-326AX, CQ40-419TU, CQ40-504AX, CQ40-504LA, CQ40-505AX, CQ40-508TU, CQ40-509TU, CQ40-510AU, CQ40-512AU, CQ40-513TU, CQ40-514AU, CQ40-515AU, CQ40-515AX, CQ40-515TU, CQ40-516AU, CQ40-516TX, CQ40-518AU, CQ40-518AX, CQ40-520AU, CQ40-520AX, CQ40-521AU, CQ40-521AX, CQ40-521TU, CQ40-522TU, CQ40-524AX, CQ40-525AX, CQ40-526TU, CQ40-527TU, CQ40-528TU, CQ40-528TX, CQ40-530TX, CQ40-531TX, CQ40-532TU, CQ40-532TX, CQ40-533TX, CQ40-535TU, CQ40-536TX, CQ40-537TX, CQ40-538TX, CQ40-539TX, CQ40-540TU, CQ40-541TU, CQ40-541TX, CQ40-542TU, CQ40-543TU, CQ40-545TU, CQ40-551TU, CQ40-553TU, CQ40-555TU, CQ40-556TU, CQ40-600LA, CQ40-601AX, CQ40-601TU, CQ40-601TX, CQ40-602LA, CQ40-602TU, CQ40-602TX, CQ40-603AU, CQ40-603TU, CQ40-603TX, CQ40-604TU, CQ40-604TX, CQ40-605LA, CQ40-605TU, CQ40-605TX, CQ40-606AU, CQ40-606AX, CQ40-606TU, CQ40-607AU, CQ40-607AX, CQ40-609AX, CQ40-609TU, CQ40-609TX, CQ40-610TU, CQ40-610TX, CQ40-611AU, CQ40-611AX, CQ40-611BR, CQ40-611TU, CQ40-611TX, CQ40-612AU, CQ40-612BR, CQ40-612TX, CQ40-613AU, CQ40-613AX, CQ40-613TU, CQ40-613TX, CQ40-614AU, CQ40-614BR, CQ40-614TU, CQ40-614TX, CQ40-615TX, CQ40-616TU, CQ40-616TX, CQ40-617AU, CQ40-617AX, CQ40-617TX, CQ40-618AX, CQ40-618TX, CQ40-619AX, CQ40-619TU, CQ40-619TX, CQ40-620AU, CQ40-620AX, CQ40-620LA, CQ40-620TU, CQ40-621AU, CQ40-621LA, CQ40-621TU, CQ40-621TX, CQ40-622AU, CQ40-622BR, CQ40-622TX, CQ40-623AU, CQ40-623AX, CQ40-623TU, CQ40-624AU, CQ40-624AX, CQ40-624LA, CQ40-624TU, CQ40-624TX, CQ40-625AU, CQ40-625TU, CQ40-626AU, CQ40-626LA, CQ40-626TU, CQ40-626TX, CQ40-627AX, CQ40-627LA, CQ40-627TU, CQ40-628TX, CQ40-629TU, CQ40-630LA, CQ40-630TU, CQ40-630TX, CQ40-631TU, CQ40-632TU, CQ40-632TX, CQ40-633TU, CQ40-634TX, CQ40-635TU, CQ40-636TU, CQ40-636TX, CQ40-637TU, CQ40-637TX, CQ40-638TX, CQ40-639TU, CQ40-639TX, CQ40-640TX, CQ40-641TU, CQ40-641TX, CQ40-642TX, CQ40-643TX, CQ40-645TU, CQ40-647TU, CQ40-648TU, CQ40-653TU, CQ40-654TU, CQ40-700LA, CQ40-701TX, CQ40-702LA, CQ40-702TU, CQ40-703TU, CQ40-704TU, CQ40-704TX, CQ40-705LA, CQ40-705TU, CQ40-705TX, CQ40-706TU, CQ40-706TX, CQ40-707TU, CQ40-707TX, CQ40-708TU, CQ40-708TX, CQ40-709TU, CQ40-709TX, CQ40-710TU, CQ40-710TX, CQ40-711BR, CQ40-711TX, CQ40-712BR, CQ40-712TU, CQ40-713BR, CQ40-714BR, CQ40-715TX, CQ40-716TX, CQ40-717TU, CQ40-717TX, CQ40-719TU, CQ40-725TU, CQ40-730TU, CQ40-732TU, CQ40-734TU, CQ40-735TU, CQ40-736TU, CQ40-737TU, CQ40-740BR, CQ40-740TU, CQ40-747TU

Presario CQ45 Series
Presario CQ45-100, CQ45-101AU, CQ45-101TX, CQ45-102AU, CQ45-102TX, CQ45-103AU, CQ45-103TU, CQ45-103TX, CQ45-104AU, CQ45-104TU, CQ45-104TX, CQ45-105AU, CQ45-105TU, CQ45-105TX, CQ45-106AU, CQ45-106TU, CQ45-106TX, CQ45-107AU, CQ45-107TU, CQ45-107TX, CQ45-108AU, CQ45-108TU, CQ45-108TX, CQ45-109AU, CQ45-109TU, CQ45-109TX, CQ45-110AU, CQ45-110TU, CQ45-110TX, CQ45-111AU, CQ45-111TX, CQ45-112AU, CQ45-112TX, CQ45-113AU, CQ45-113TX, CQ45-114AU, CQ45-114TX, CQ45-115AU, CQ45-115TX, CQ45-116TX, CQ45-117TX, CQ45-118TX, CQ45-119TX, CQ45-120TX, CQ45-121TX, CQ45-122TX, CQ45-123TX, CQ45-124TX, CQ45-125TX, CQ45-126TX, CQ45-127TX, CQ45-128TX, CQ45-129TX, CQ45-130TX, CQ45-131TX, CQ45-132TX, CQ45-133TX, CQ45-134TX, CQ45-135TX, CQ45-136TX, CQ45-137TX, CQ45-138TX, CQ45-139TX, CQ45-140TX, CQ45-141TX, CQ45-142TX, CQ45-143TX, CQ45-144TX, CQ45-145TX, CQ45-146TX, CQ45-147TX, CQ45-201AU, CQ45-201TU, CQ45-201TX, CQ45-202TU, CQ45-202TX, CQ45-203TU, CQ45-203TX, CQ45-204TU, CQ45-204TX, CQ45-205TU, CQ45-205TX, CQ45-206TU, CQ45-206TX, CQ45-207TU, CQ45-207TX, CQ45-208TU, CQ45-208TX, CQ45-209TU, CQ45-209TX, CQ45-210TU, CQ45-210TX, CQ45-211TU, CQ45-211TX, CQ45-212TU, CQ45-212TX, CQ45-213TU, CQ45-213TX, CQ45-214TX, CQ45-215TX, CQ45, CQ45-100 CTO, CQ45-148TX, CQ45-202AU, CQ45-203AU, CQ45-204AU, CQ45-214TU, CQ45-215TU, CQ45-216TU, CQ45-216TX, CQ45-217TU, CQ45-217TX, CQ45-218TU, CQ45-218TX, CQ45-219TU, CQ45-219TX, CQ45-220TU, CQ45-220TX, CQ45-221TU, CQ45-221TX, CQ45-222TU, CQ45-222TX, CQ45-223TX, CQ45-301TU, CQ45-301TX, CQ45-302TU, CQ45-302TX, CQ45-303TU, CQ45-303TX, CQ45-304TU, CQ45-304TX, CQ45-305TU, CQ45-305TX, CQ45-306TU, CQ45-306TX, CQ45-307TU, CQ45-307TX, CQ45-308TU, CQ45-308TX, CQ45-309TU, CQ45-309TX, CQ45-310TU, CQ45-310TX, CQ45-311TX, CQ45-312TX, CQ45-313TX, CQ45-314TX, CQ45-315TX, CQ45-316TX, CQ45-101TU, CQ45-101XX, CQ45-102TU, CQ45-102XX, CQ45-113LA, CQ45-115LA, CQ45-118LA, CQ45-120 CTO, CQ45-151XX, CQ45-152XX, CQ45-200 CTO, CQ45-205AU, CQ45-206AU, CQ45-224TX, CQ45-225TX, CQ45-226TX, CQ45-311TU, CQ45-317TX, CQ45-318TX, CQ45-319TX, CQ45-320TX, CQ45-321TX, CQ45-322TX, CQ45-323TX, CQ45-324TX, CQ45-325TX, CQ45-326TX, CQ45-327TX, CQ45-328TX, CQ45-329TX, CQ45-330TX, CQ45-331TX, CQ45-332TX, CQ45-333TX, CQ45-401TU, CQ45-401TX, CQ45-402TU, CQ45-402TX, CQ45-403TU, CQ45-403TX, CQ45-404TU, CQ45-404TX, CQ45-405TU, CQ45-405TX, CQ45-406TU, CQ45-406TX, CQ45-407TX, CQ45-408TX, CQ45-409TX, CQ45-410TX, CQ45-411TX, CQ45-412TX, CQ45-413TX, CQ45-414TX, CQ45-415TX, CQ45-416TX, CQ45-417TX, CQ45-418TX

Presario CQ50 Series
Presario CQ50-100CA, CQ50-100EG, CQ50-100EM, CQ50-100EO, CQ50-100ER, CQ50-100ES, CQ50-101AU, CQ50-101EB, CQ50-101LA, CQ50-101XX, CQ50-102AU, CQ50-102LA, CQ50-102XX, CQ50-103AU, CQ50-103EB, CQ50-103ER, CQ50-103EZ, CQ50-103LA, CQ50-103NR, CQ50-103XX, CQ50-104AU, CQ50-104CA, CQ50-104NR, CQ50-104XX, CQ50-105AU, CQ50-105EE, CQ50-105EF, CQ50-105EL, CQ50-105EM, CQ50-105EO, CQ50-105ER, CQ50-105EW, CQ50-105EZ, CQ50-105NR, CQ50-105TR, CQ50-106AU, CQ50-106CA, CQ50-106EE, CQ50-106EF, CQ50-106EL, CQ50-106ER, CQ50-107AU, CQ50-107CL, CQ50-107EA, CQ50-107EE, CQ50-107EF, CQ50-107ER, CQ50-107NR, CQ50-108AU, CQ50-108CA, CQ50-108EF, CQ50-108EL, CQ50-108EO, CQ50-108NR, CQ50-109AU, CQ50-109CA, CQ50-109EL, CQ50-109ER, CQ50-110AU, CQ50-110EC, CQ50-110EG, CQ50-110EL, CQ50-110EM, CQ50-110EN, CQ50-110EO, CQ50-110EP, CQ50-110ER, CQ50-110TR, CQ50-110US, CQ50-111AU, CQ50-111EE, CQ50-111EM, CQ50-112AU, CQ50-112EM, CQ50-112EO, CQ50-113AU, CQ50-113CA, CQ50-114AU, CQ50-114EO, CQ50-115AU, CQ50-115EM, CQ50-115EP, CQ50-115NR, CQ50-115TR, CQ50-116AU, CQ50-116EE, CQ50-116EM, CQ50-117AU, CQ50-120EP, CQ50-125EC, CQ50-128NR, CQ50-130EC, CQ50-130US, CQ50-133US, CQ50-135EM, CQ50-139NR, CQ50-140US, CQ50-142US, CQ50-210US, CQ50-211NR, CQ50-215NR, CQ50-217CL, CQ50-217NR, CQ50-228CA, CQ50T-100, CQ50Z-100, CQ50, CQ50-116LA, CQ50-135ES, CQ50-139WM, CQ50-215CA, CQ50T-100 CTO, CQ50Z-100 CTO, CQ50-100ED, CQ50-110BR, CQ50-111BR, CQ50-111LA, CQ50-112BR, CQ50-113BR, CQ50-114BR, CQ50-115LA, CQ50-201CA, CQ50-204CA, CQ50-209CA, CQ50-209NR, CQ50-209WM, CQ50-210BR, CQ50-212BR, CQ50-212CA, CQ50-213BR, CQ50-222BR, CQ50-225LA, CQ50-100Z CTO, CQ50-105LA

Presario CQ60 Series
Presario CQ60-100EE, CQ60-100EG, CQ60-100ER, CQ60-101AU, CQ60-101TU, CQ60-101TX, CQ60-101XX, CQ60-102AU, CQ60-102TU, CQ60-102TX, CQ60-102XX, CQ60-103AU, CQ60-103EL, CQ60-103TU, CQ60-103TX, CQ60-103XX, CQ60-104AU, CQ60-104TU, CQ60-104TX, CQ60-105EF, CQ60-105EM, CQ60-105TU, CQ60-105TX, CQ60-106EE, CQ60-106ER, CQ60-106TU, CQ60-106TX, CQ60-106XX, CQ60-107EF, CQ60-107EM, CQ60-107TU, CQ60-107TX, CQ60-108TU, CQ60-108TX, CQ60-109EM, CQ60-109TU, CQ60-109TX, CQ60-110EE, CQ60-110EF, CQ60-110EG, CQ60-110EM, CQ60-110EO, CQ60-110TU, CQ60-110TX, CQ60-111EM, CQ60-111TU, CQ60-111TX, CQ60-112EM, CQ60-112TU, CQ60-112TX, CQ60-113EE, CQ60-113EM, CQ60-113EO, CQ60-113TU, CQ60-113TX, CQ60-114EM, CQ60-114TU, CQ60-114TX, CQ60-115EF, CQ60-115EM, CQ60-115EO, CQ60-115TU, CQ60-115TX, CQ60-116EE, CQ60-116EM, CQ60-116TX, CQ60-117EM, CQ60-117EO, CQ60-120ED, CQ60-120EG, CQ60-120EM, CQ60-120EO, CQ60-120ES, CQ60-123EF, CQ60-124EF, CQ60-125EC, CQ60-125EO, CQ60-125ES, CQ60-130EC, CQ60-130EO, CQ60-136EM, CQ60-136ES, CQ60-140ED, CQ60-150EM, CQ60-151EM, CQ60-152EM, CQ60, CQ60-100EA, CQ60-100ED, CQ60-100EL, CQ60-100EM, CQ60-101ER, CQ60-102EL, CQ60-102ER, CQ60-103ER, CQ60-104EL, CQ60-104ER, CQ60-105AU, CQ60-105EB, CQ60-105EI, CQ60-105EN, CQ60-105ER, CQ60-106AU, CQ60-106EL, CQ60-106EM, CQ60-107AU, CQ60-107EA, CQ60-107EL, CQ60-107ER, CQ60-108AU, CQ60-108EB, CQ60-108ER, CQ60-109AU, CQ60-109ER, CQ60-110AU, CQ60-110ED, CQ60-110EI, CQ60-110EJ, CQ60-110EN, CQ60-110ES, CQ60-110EW, CQ60-112LA, CQ60-113LA, CQ60-114EA, CQ60-115EG, CQ60-115ET, CQ60-116EO, CQ60-116TU, CQ60-117EL, CQ60-117TU, CQ60-117TX, CQ60-118EL, CQ60-118EM, CQ60-118TU, CQ60-118TX, CQ60-119TU, CQ60-119TX, CQ60-120EB, CQ60-120EC, CQ60-120EF, CQ60-120EJ, CQ60-120EK, CQ60-120ET, CQ60-120EV, CQ60-120EW, CQ60-120TU, CQ60-121ET, CQ60-121TU, CQ60-122EF, CQ60-122EL, CQ60-122TU, CQ60-123EZ, CQ60-125EF, CQ60-125EI, CQ60-125ET, CQ60-127EL, CQ60-127EO, CQ60-130EB, CQ60-130ED, CQ60-130EG, CQ60-130EI, CQ60-130EM, CQ60-130ES, CQ60-130ET, CQ60-130EW, CQ60-131EZ, CQ60-132EL, CQ60-135EC, CQ60-135EO, CQ60-135ES, CQ60-135ET, CQ60-135EZ, CQ60-137EL, CQ60-137EM, CQ60-140EG, CQ60-140EK, CQ60-140EO, CQ60-140ES, CQ60-140EV, CQ60-140EW, CQ60-142EL, CQ60-145EI, CQ60-150EG, CQ60-150EP, CQ60-151EP, CQ60-152EP, CQ60-153EM, CQ60-153EP, CQ60-155EP, CQ60-160EP, CQ60-160EV, CQ60-170EP, CQ60-201AU, CQ60-201TX, CQ60-202AU, CQ60-202TU, CQ60-202TX, CQ60-203AU, CQ60-203TU, CQ60-203TX, CQ60-204AU, CQ60-204TU, CQ60-204TX, CQ60-205AU, CQ60-205TU, CQ60-205TX, CQ60-206TU, CQ60-100 CTO, CQ60-105EG, CQ60-108EO, CQ60-109EO, CQ60-144US, CQ60-200ED, CQ60-200EG, CQ60-200EL, CQ60-200EM, CQ60-200EO, CQ60-200EP, CQ60-200ER, CQ60-200ES, CQ60-200ET, CQ60-201EE, CQ60-201EL, CQ60-201EO, CQ60-201EP, CQ60-201ET, CQ60-201TU, CQ60-202ED, CQ60-202EL, CQ60-202EO, CQ60-202ER, CQ60-202ES, CQ60-202US, CQ60-203EE, CQ60-203EL, CQ60-203EO, CQ60-203NR, CQ60-204ED, CQ60-204EL, CQ60-204EM, CQ60-204EO, CQ60-204ES, CQ60-204NR, CQ60-205EC, CQ60-205EE, CQ60-205EF, CQ60-205EI, CQ60-205EL, CQ60-205EM, CQ60-205EN, CQ60-205EO, CQ60-205EP, CQ60-205ER, CQ60-205ES, CQ60-205EZ, CQ60-206AU, CQ60-206ED, CQ60-206EM, CQ60-206TX, CQ60-206US, CQ60-207AU, CQ60-207EE, CQ60-207EL, CQ60-207EO, CQ60-207ER, CQ60-207TU, CQ60-207TX, CQ60-208AU, CQ60-208CA, CQ60-208ED, CQ60-208TU, CQ60-208TX, CQ60-209AU, CQ60-209EO, CQ60-209TU, CQ60-209TX, CQ60-210AU, CQ60-210CA, CQ60-210EB, CQ60-210EF, CQ60-210EG, CQ60-210EI, CQ60-210EL, CQ60-210EM, CQ60-210EN, CQ60-210EO, CQ60-210EP, CQ60-210ER, CQ60-210ES, CQ60-210ET, CQ60-210TU, CQ60-210TX, CQ60-210US, CQ60-211DX, CQ60-211EF, CQ60-211ES, CQ60-211ET, CQ60-211TU, CQ60-211TX, CQ60-212EA, CQ60-212EL, CQ60-212EM, CQ60-212EO, CQ60-212ET, CQ60-212TU, CQ60-212TX, CQ60-212US, CQ60-213EF, CQ60-213EM, CQ60-213TU, CQ60-213TX, CQ60-214DX, CQ60-214EF, CQ60-214EM, CQ60-214TU, CQ60-214TX, CQ60-215DX, CQ60-215EC, CQ60-215EE, CQ60-215EF, CQ60-215EG, CQ60-215EI, CQ60-215EM, CQ60-215EN, CQ60-215EP, CQ60-215ER, CQ60-215ES, CQ60-215TU, CQ60-215TX, CQ60-216DX, CQ60-216EF, CQ60-216EM, CQ60-216EO, CQ60-216TU, CQ60-216TX, CQ60-217EF, CQ60-217EL, CQ60-217EM, CQ60-217TU, CQ60-217TX, CQ60-218CA, CQ60-218EA, CQ60-218EM, CQ60-218TU, CQ60-218TX, CQ60-219EA, CQ60-219TU, CQ60-219TX, CQ60-220EB, CQ60-220EC, CQ60-220EG, CQ60-220EJ, CQ60-220EK, CQ60-220EL, CQ60-220EO, CQ60-220ES, CQ60-220ET, CQ60-220EV, CQ60-220TU, CQ60-220TX, CQ60-220US, CQ60-221EM, CQ60-221TU, CQ60-222EI, CQ60-222EZ, CQ60-224CA, CQ60-224NR, CQ60-225EF, CQ60-225EJ, CQ60-225EL, CQ60-225EM, CQ60-227CA, CQ60-227EF, CQ60-228EL, CQ60-228US, CQ60-230EF, CQ60-230EG, CQ60-230EI, CQ60-230EM, CQ60-230EV, CQ60-233EZ, CQ60-235EF, CQ60-235EM, CQ60-240EK, CQ60-240EV, CQ60-243EZ, CQ60-249US, CQ60-250EG, CQ60-250EI, CQ60-252EG, CQ60-255EG, CQ60-260EG, CQ60-260EK, CQ60-260ES, CQ60-260EV, CQ60-270EG, CQ60-300ED, CQ60-300EE, CQ60-300EO, CQ60-300EV, CQ60-300EW, CQ60-300SB, CQ60-300SD, CQ60-300SI, CQ60-300SO, CQ60-300SV, CQ60-301AU, CQ60-301EG, CQ60-301ET, CQ60-301SL, CQ60-302AU, CQ60-302SL, CQ60-303AU, CQ60-304AU, CQ60-305AU, CQ60-305EA, CQ60-305EF, CQ60-305EG, CQ60-305ER, CQ60-305EZ, CQ60-305SA, CQ60-305SF, CQ60-305SL, CQ60-306AU, CQ60-307AU, CQ60-307EA, CQ60-307SA, CQ60-307SL, CQ60-308AU, CQ60-309AU, CQ60-310AU, CQ60-310EC, CQ60-310ED, CQ60-310EG, CQ60-310EL, CQ60-310EN, CQ60-310EO, CQ60-310EQ, CQ60-310ET, CQ60-310SA, CQ60-311AU, CQ60-311SA, CQ60-311SL, CQ60-312AU, CQ60-313AU, CQ60-313EA, CQ60-313SA, CQ60-314AU, CQ60-315EE, CQ60-315EF, CQ60-315EL, CQ60-315EO, CQ60-315SF, CQ60-320EC, CQ60-320EG, CQ60-320EI, CQ60-320EO, CQ60-320ES, CQ60-320SA, CQ60-325ES, CQ60-327EZ, CQ60-328SZ, CQ60-330EG, CQ60-330EO, CQ60-330ES, CQ60-342LA, CQ60-355LA, CQ60-359LA, CQ60-400SD, CQ60-400SL, CQ60-402AU, CQ60-405EE, CQ60-405SA, CQ60-405SF, CQ60-410EG, CQ60-410SA, CQ60-410US, CQ60-413NR, CQ60-415SO, CQ60-417DX, CQ60-419WM, CQ60-420SA, CQ60-420US, CQ60-421NR, CQ60-427NR, CQ60-430CA, CQ60-430EB, CQ60Z-200 CTO, CQ60-226CA, CQ60-404CA, CQ60-409CA, CQ60-418DX, aCQ60-104AU, CQ60-315AU, CQ60-316AU, CQ60-400EQ, CQ60-400SB, CQ60-401AU, CQ60-403AU, CQ60-404SA, CQ60-405EI, CQ60-405EO, CQ60-405SO, CQ60-406AU, CQ60-407AU, CQ60-409AU, CQ60-409EZ, CQ60-409SA, CQ60-410AU, CQ60-410EB, CQ60-410ER, CQ60-410SF, CQ60-410SL, CQ60-410SS, CQ60-410SV, CQ60-412EG, CQ60-413AU, CQ60-413SO, CQ60-415EE, CQ60-415EG, CQ60-415EN, CQ60-415EW, CQ60-415SL, CQ60-416AU, CQ60-417CA, CQ60-417NR, CQ60-418CA, CQ60-419AU, CQ60-420AU, CQ60-420ED, CQ60-420EG, CQ60-420EO, CQ60-420ER, CQ60-420SP, CQ60-422DX, CQ60-423DX, CQ60-425EI, CQ60-425EW, CQ60-425SL, CQ60-430ED, CQ60-430EG, CQ60-430SA, CQ60-433US, CQ60-440EC, CQ60-440EN, CQ60-514NR, CQ60-615DX

Presario CQ61 Series
Presario CQ61-100EE, CQ61-100EO, CQ61-100EP, CQ61-100ES, CQ61-100EW, CQ61-100SD, CQ61-100SL, CQ61-100SO, CQ61-100SP, CQ61-101ET, CQ61-101TU, CQ61-101TX, CQ61-102TU, CQ61-102TX, CQ61-103EF, CQ61-103EO, CQ61-103TU, CQ61-103TX, CQ61-104EL, CQ61-104SB, CQ61-104SL, CQ61-104SV, CQ61-104TU, CQ61-104TX, CQ61-105ED, CQ61-105EE, CQ61-105EI, CQ61-105EK, CQ61-105EO, CQ61-105EQ, CQ61-105ER, CQ61-105ET, CQ61-105SA, CQ61-105SS, CQ61-105TU, CQ61-105TX, CQ61-106TU, CQ61-106TX, CQ61-107TU, CQ61-107TX, CQ61-108TU, CQ61-108TX, CQ61-109TU, CQ61-109TX, CQ61-110EB, CQ61-110EC, CQ61-110ED, CQ61-110EF, CQ61-110EG, CQ61-110EH, CQ61-110EI, CQ61-110EK, CQ61-110EO, CQ61-110EP, CQ61-110ER, CQ61-110ES, CQ61-110ET, CQ61-110EW, CQ61-110SA, CQ61-110SF, CQ61-110SL, CQ61-110TU, CQ61-110TX, CQ61-111TU, CQ61-111TX, CQ61-112SL, CQ61-112TU, CQ61-112TX, CQ61-113TU, CQ61-113TX, CQ61-114TU, CQ61-114TX, CQ61-115EE, CQ61-115EF, CQ61-115EI, CQ61-115EO, CQ61-115EQ, CQ61-115ES, CQ61-115SF, CQ61-115SL, CQ61-115TU, CQ61-115TX, CQ61-116ES, CQ61-116TU, CQ61-116TX, CQ61-117TU, CQ61-117TX, CQ61-118TU, CQ61-118TX, CQ61-119TU, CQ61-119TX, CQ61-120EA, CQ61-120EF, CQ61-120EG, CQ61-120EH, CQ61-120EI, CQ61-120EJ, CQ61-120EL, CQ61-120EO, CQ61-120ES, CQ61-120ET, CQ61-120EW, CQ61-120SA, CQ61-120SF, CQ61-120TU, CQ61-121TU, CQ61-122EL, CQ61-122SA, CQ61-122TU, CQ61-123TU, CQ61-124EZ, CQ61-124TU, CQ61-125EI, CQ61-125EL, CQ61-125EO, CQ61-125EQ, CQ61-125TU, CQ61-126SZ, CQ61-126TU, CQ61-127TU, CQ61-128TU, CQ61-129TU, CQ61-130EI, CQ61-130EK, CQ61-130ES, CQ61-130SK, CQ61-130TU, CQ61-131TU, CQ61-132TU, CQ61-133TU, CQ61-134TU, CQ61-135TU, CQ61-136TU, CQ61-140EI, CQ61-140EJ, CQ61-140SK, CQ61-200SH, CQ61-200SL, CQ61-204SF, CQ61-205EE, CQ61-205SF, CQ61-205TU, CQ61-207SL, CQ61-207TU, CQ61-207TX, CQ61-208TX, CQ61-209SL, CQ61-209TX, CQ61-210EI, CQ61-210SG, CQ61-210SH, CQ61-210SL, CQ61-210SN, CQ61-210SO, CQ61-210SP, CQ61-210SR, CQ61-210TX, CQ61-211TX, CQ61-214TX, CQ61-215EE, CQ61-218SL, CQ61-220ED, CQ61-220EG, CQ61-220SA, CQ61-220SF, CQ61-220SL, CQ61-220SN, CQ61-220SS, CQ61-220SV, CQ61-222SL, CQ61-225EE, CQ61-230SB, CQ61-230SL, CQ61-230SO, CQ61-230SS, CQ61-231SO, CQ61-250SO, CQ61-260EJ, CQ61-280EJ, CQ61-136EZ, CQ61-200EP, CQ61-200SP, CQ61-200SQ, CQ61-201TU, CQ61-201TX, CQ61-202TU, CQ61-202TX, CQ61-203EO, CQ61-203TU, CQ61-203TX, CQ61-204TX, CQ61-205EF, CQ61-205EI, CQ61-205EQ, CQ61-205ER, CQ61-205SL, CQ61-205SO, CQ61-206TU, CQ61-206TX, CQ61-207SF, CQ61-208ER, CQ61-209ER, CQ61-209TU, CQ61-210EK, CQ61-210ER, CQ61-210EV, CQ61-210EW, CQ61-210SB, CQ61-210SD, CQ61-210SQ, CQ61-210SS, CQ61-210ST, CQ61-210SV, CQ61-210TU, CQ61-211ER, CQ61-211TU, CQ61-212TU, CQ61-213TU, CQ61-214TU, CQ61-215SO, CQ61-215TU, CQ61-216TU, CQ61-216TX, CQ61-217TU, CQ61-217TX, CQ61-218TU, CQ61-219TU, CQ61-220EF, CQ61-220EI, CQ61-220EJ, CQ61-220EK, CQ61-220EW, CQ61-220SO, CQ61-221EK, CQ61-221SA, CQ61-221TU, CQ61-221TX, CQ61-222SA, CQ61-222SZ, CQ61-222TU, CQ61-222TX, CQ61-223EA, CQ61-223EG, CQ61-223SA, CQ61-223TU, CQ61-223TX, CQ61-224SG, CQ61-224TX, CQ61-225EO, CQ61-225EP, CQ61-225ES, CQ61-225SA, CQ61-225SG, CQ61-225TU, CQ61-225TX, CQ61-226SL, CQ61-226TU, CQ61-227TU, CQ61-227TX, CQ61-228TU, CQ61-230EC, CQ61-230EG, CQ61-230EP, CQ61-230SF, CQ61-230SN, CQ61-231EZ, CQ61-231TU, CQ61-232TU, CQ61-233EZ, CQ61-235ET, CQ61-235EZ, CQ61-235TU, CQ61-237EZ, CQ61-240ED, CQ61-240EG, CQ61-240EJ, CQ61-240EK, CQ61-240SS, CQ61-241EZ, CQ61-245EI, CQ61-245ET, CQ61-249ET, CQ61-300EB, CQ61-300ES, CQ61-300ST, CQ61-300SV, CQ61-301SG, CQ61-301SL, CQ61-301TX, CQ61-302SL, CQ61-302SZ, CQ61-302TX, CQ61-303SF, CQ61-303SL, CQ61-303SV, CQ61-303SW, CQ61-303TU, CQ61-303TX, CQ61-303XX, CQ61-304SL, CQ61-304SW, CQ61-304TU, CQ61-305AX, CQ61-305EC, CQ61-305EQ, CQ61-305ER, CQ61-305EV, CQ61-305EZ, CQ61-305SA, CQ61-305SF, CQ61-305SL, CQ61-305ST, CQ61-305TX, CQ61-306AX, CQ61-306EL, CQ61-306TX, CQ61-307AU, CQ61-307SF, CQ61-307TU, CQ61-307TX, CQ61-308TX, CQ61-309AX, CQ61-309EZ, CQ61-309SL, CQ61-309TU, CQ61-309TX, CQ61-310EA, CQ61-310EC, CQ61-310EH, CQ61-310EI, CQ61-310EJ, CQ61-310EK, CQ61-310EL, CQ61-310EM, CQ61-310EN, CQ61-310EQ, CQ61-310ER, CQ61-310EV, CQ61-310EX, CQ61-310SA, CQ61-310SB, CQ61-310SD, CQ61-310SF, CQ61-310SG, CQ61-310SL, CQ61-310SO, CQ61-310SP, CQ61-310SV, CQ61-310US, CQ61-311AX, CQ61-311ER, CQ61-311SO, CQ61-311TU, CQ61-312EF, CQ61-312EG, CQ61-312EL, CQ61-312ER, CQ61-312SA, CQ61-312SF, CQ61-312SL, CQ61-312SO, CQ61-312TU, CQ61-312TX, CQ61-313AX, CQ61-313ER, CQ61-313NR, CQ61-313SZ, CQ61-313TU, CQ61-313TX, CQ61-313US, CQ61-314ER, CQ61-314SL, CQ61-314TU, CQ61-314US, CQ61-315EC, CQ61-315EM, CQ61-315ER, CQ61-315EX, CQ61-315SA, CQ61-315SB, CQ61-315SD, CQ61-315SF, CQ61-315SG, CQ61-315SH, CQ61-315SL, CQ61-315SN, CQ61-315SO, CQ61-315SP, CQ61-315SQ, CQ61-315SS, CQ61-315ST, CQ61-315TU, CQ61-315TX, CQ61-316EG, CQ61-316ER, CQ61-316SO, CQ61-316TX, CQ61-317ER, CQ61-317SA, CQ61-317SL, CQ61-318ER, CQ61-318SG, CQ61-318SL, CQ61-318SO, CQ61-318TX, CQ61-319ER, CQ61-319SL, CQ61-319TX, CQ61-319WM, CQ61-320CA, CQ61-320EA, CQ61-320EC, CQ61-320EG, CQ61-320EI, CQ61-320EJ, CQ61-320EM, CQ61-320EN, CQ61-320ER, CQ61-320ET, CQ61-320EX, CQ61-320SA, CQ61-320SB, CQ61-320SD, CQ61-320SF, CQ61-320SG, CQ61-320SH, CQ61-320SL, CQ61-320SO, CQ61-320SQ, CQ61-320SS, CQ61-320TX, CQ61-321ER, CQ61-322ER, CQ61-322EZ, CQ61-322SL, CQ61-323EO, CQ61-323ER, CQ61-323TX, CQ61-324CA, CQ61-324EZ, CQ61-324SA, CQ61-324SP, CQ61-324TX, CQ61-325EB, CQ61-325EC, CQ61-325ED, CQ61-325EI, CQ61-325ES, CQ61-325EZ, CQ61-325SA, CQ61-325SG, CQ61-325SH, CQ61-325SO, CQ61-325SP, CQ61-325SQ, CQ61-325TU, CQ61-326SA, CQ61-326TU, CQ61-326TX, CQ61-327SA, CQ61-327SF, CQ61-327SO, CQ61-327TU, CQ61-327TX, CQ61-328EZ, CQ61-328TU, CQ61-328TX, CQ61-329TU, CQ61-330EC, CQ61-330EE, CQ61-330EG, CQ61-330EI, CQ61-330EJ, CQ61-330EK, CQ61-330EM, CQ61-330EN, CQ61-330ET, CQ61-330SA, CQ61-330SB, CQ61-330SD, CQ61-330SO, CQ61-330SQ, CQ61-330SS, CQ61-331ER, CQ61-332ER, CQ61-333EN, CQ61-333ER, CQ61-333SO, CQ61-334ER, CQ61-335EN, CQ61-335ER, CQ61-335ES, CQ61-335EV, CQ61-335SB, CQ61-335SO, CQ61-335SQ, CQ61-340EC, CQ61-340ED, CQ61-340EN, CQ61-340EV, CQ61-340SA, CQ61-340SS, CQ61-345SQ, CQ61-350EK, CQ61-350SF, CQ61-355EP, CQ61-355SQ, CQ61-360EV, CQ61-360SA, CQ61-400ES, CQ61-400EY, CQ61-400SO, CQ61-400SS, CQ61-401SA, CQ61-401SY, CQ61-401TX, CQ61-402EA, CQ61-402EO, CQ61-402SA, CQ61-402SZ, CQ61-402TU, CQ61-403EA, CQ61-403EK, CQ61-403SA, CQ61-403SF, CQ61-403SY, CQ61-403SZ, CQ61-404AU, CQ61-405AU, CQ61-405AX, CQ61-405EB, CQ61-405ED, CQ61-405EK, CQ61-405EO, CQ61-405ER, CQ61-405ET, CQ61-405EY, CQ61-405EZ, CQ61-405SA, CQ61-405SE, CQ61-405SF, CQ61-405SO, CQ61-405SW, CQ61-405SY, CQ61-406SA, CQ61-406SZ, CQ61-406TU, CQ61-406TX, CQ61-407CA, CQ61-407EF, CQ61-407EK, CQ61-407EO, CQ61-407SA, CQ61-407SF, CQ61-407TX, CQ61-408AX, CQ61-408EF, CQ61-408SL, CQ61-408SO, CQ61-408TX, CQ61-409SL, CQ61-409SO, CQ61-409TU, CQ61-410EC, CQ61-410EG, CQ61-410EJ, CQ61-410EK, CQ61-410EM, CQ61-410ER, CQ61-410EV, CQ61-410EY, CQ61-410SB, CQ61-410SF, CQ61-410SH, CQ61-410SJ, CQ61-410SL, CQ61-410SM, CQ61-410SP, CQ61-410SQ, CQ61-410SV, CQ61-410SW, CQ61-410TX, CQ61-410US, CQ61-411SE, CQ61-411TU, CQ61-411TX, CQ61-411WM, CQ61-412AX, CQ61-412EO, CQ61-412EZ, CQ61-412NR, CQ61-412SL, CQ61-413SL, CQ61-413SO, CQ61-413TU, CQ61-414EO, CQ61-414NR, CQ61-414TU, CQ61-415EG, CQ61-415EI, CQ61-415EM, CQ61-415EP, CQ61-415EQ, CQ61-415EW, CQ61-415EY, CQ61-415SA, CQ61-415SG, CQ61-415SH, CQ61-415SM, CQ61-415ST, CQ61-415SZ, CQ61-415TU, CQ61-416EG, CQ61-416SA, CQ61-416SO, CQ61-416TU, CQ61-417ER, CQ61-417EZ, CQ61-417SA, CQ61-417SG, CQ61-417SO, CQ61-417TU, CQ61-418ER, CQ61-418TU, CQ61-419EO, CQ61-419ER, CQ61-419TU, CQ61-420EC, CQ61-420EJ, CQ61-420EM, CQ61-420ER, CQ61-420EW, CQ61-420EY, CQ61-420SA, CQ61-420SH, CQ61-420SO, CQ61-420SQ, CQ61-420TU, CQ61-420US, CQ61-421ER, CQ61-421SA, CQ61-421SG, CQ61-422ER, CQ61-422SA, CQ61-423ER, CQ61-423SA, CQ61-423SG, CQ61-424EG, CQ61-424ER, CQ61-424SA, CQ61-425EA, CQ61-425EB, CQ61-425EC, CQ61-425EG, CQ61-425EI, CQ61-425EM, CQ61-425ER, CQ61-425ET, CQ61-425SA, CQ61-425SH, CQ61-425SO, CQ61-425SQ, CQ61-426EG, CQ61-426EO, CQ61-427EG, CQ61-427SA, CQ61-428EZ, CQ61-429SG, CQ61-429US, CQ61-430EC, CQ61-430EI, CQ61-430EJ, CQ61-430EM, CQ61-430ER, CQ61-430EV, CQ61-430SD, CQ61-430SV, CQ61-431SZ, CQ61-432EZ, CQ61-433SA, CQ61-433SZ, CQ61-435EK, CQ61-435EM, CQ61-435SA, CQ61-435SM, CQ61-435SQ, CQ61-440EC, CQ61-440EI, CQ61-440EK, CQ61-440SA, CQ61-440SE, CQ61-440SM, CQ61-441SE, CQ61-445ED, CQ61-445EI, CQ61-445EM, CQ61-445SI, CQ61-449ES, CQ61-450EK, CQ61-450ES, CQ61-450EV, CQ61-450SS, CQ61-450ST, CQ61-455EM, CQ61-455SQ, CQ61-457EE, CQ61-460SS, CQ61-465SQ, CQ61-475SQ, CQ61-488EE, CQ61-489EE, CQ61z-300 CTO, CQ61Z-400 CTO, CQ61-300CA, CQ61-326NR, CQ61-301AU, CQ61-302AU, CQ61-303AU, CQ61-304AU, CQ61-305AU, CQ61-306AU, CQ61-308AU, CQ61-309AU, CQ61-310AU, CQ61-401AU, CQ61-402AU, CQ61-403AU, CQ61-485EQ

Presario CQ70 Series
Presario CQ70-100, CQ70-100ER, CQ70-101TU, CQ70-101TX, CQ70-101XX, CQ70-102TU, CQ70-102TX, CQ70-102XX, CQ70-103TU, CQ70-103TX, CQ70-104TX, CQ70-105EB, CQ70-105EF, CQ70-110EF, CQ70-110EM, CQ70-110EO, CQ70-110ER, CQ70-110ES, CQ70-115EE, CQ70-115EF, CQ70-115EO, CQ70-116EM, CQ70-117CA, CQ70-118CA, CQ70-118EF, CQ70-118NR, CQ70-120EO, CQ70-120US, CQ70-124CA, CQ70-125EO, CQ70-130ED, CQ70-130EG, CQ70-134CA, CQ70-140ED, CQ70, CQ70-100 CTO, CQ70-103EB, CQ70-103EF, CQ70-103EM, CQ70-105TX, CQ70-110EB, CQ70-115ES, CQ70-116EA, CQ70-118EO, CQ70-120EF, CQ70-120EM, CQ70-120ES, CQ70-123EO, CQ70-127NR, CQ70-128NR, CQ70-130EO, CQ70-135EO, CQ70-140EG, CQ70-150EV, CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-201TU, CQ70-111CA, CQ70-119CA, CQ70-120EG, CQ70-126NR, CQ70-150EG, CQ70-200ED, CQ70-201TX, CQ70-202TX, CQ70-203EF, CQ70-203TX, CQ70-205ED, CQ70-205EE, CQ70-205EF, CQ70-205EM, CQ70-206EF, CQ70-207EF, CQ70-208EF, CQ70-209EM, CQ70-210EB, CQ70-210ED, CQ70-210EF, CQ70-210EM, CQ70-211EM, CQ70-212ER, CQ70-214EA, CQ70-214EM, CQ70-215EM, CQ70-215EO, CQ70-215ER, CQ70-220EB, CQ70-220EM, CQ70-220EO, CQ70-225EF, CQ70-230EL, CQ70-230EO, CQ70-235EZ, CQ70-237EZ, CQ70-240EL, CQ70-240ES, CQ70-240EV, CQ70-246EZ, CQ70-250EG, CQ70-250EO, CQ70-253EG, CQ70-255EG, CQ70-260EG, CQ70-260EV, CQ70-265EG

Presario CQ71 Series
Presario CQ71-100EO, CQ71-103EF, CQ71-103SF, CQ71-105EE, CQ71-105EF, CQ71-105EO, CQ71-105SF, CQ71-110ED, CQ71-110EG, CQ71-110EL, CQ71-110EO, CQ71-110EV, CQ71-110SF, CQ71-115EF, CQ71-115SF, CQ71-120ED, CQ71-120EG, CQ71-120EO, CQ71-125EO, CQ71-128EZ, CQ71-130EB, CQ71-130ES, CQ71-130SA, CQ71-135SA, CQ71-140EA, CQ71-140EB, CQ71-140SA, CQ71-145EZ, CQ71-150EB, CQ71-150EK, CQ71-150ES, CQ71-150EW, CQ71-200SO, CQ71-203SF, CQ71-210ED, CQ71-210EG, CQ71-210SF, CQ71-210SO, CQ71-210SR, CQ71-210SV, CQ71-215SF, CQ71-220EG, CQ71-220SS, CQ71-225SO, CQ71-230EB, CQ71-230SA, CQ71-240EB, CQ71-250SB, CQ71-250SO, CQ71-260SO, CQ71-101XX, CQ71-120EF, CQ71-200SB, CQ71-203EF, CQ71-203EO, CQ71-205EO, CQ71-205SG, CQ71-210EF, CQ71-210EI, CQ71-210ER, CQ71-210SA, CQ71-212SF, CQ71-215ER, CQ71-220EB, CQ71-220EF, CQ71-220EK, CQ71-220EL, CQ71-220SO, CQ71-223EG, CQ71-229SZ, CQ71-230ED, CQ71-230EG, CQ71-230EW, CQ71-230SO, CQ71-235EO, CQ71-235SA, CQ71-235SO, CQ71-240SG, CQ71-240SS, CQ71-245EB, CQ71-249EZ, CQ71-250EP, CQ71-255EO, CQ71-300SB, CQ71-300SG, CQ71-302ER, CQ71-305SA, CQ71-305SF, CQ71-305SG, CQ71-306EI, CQ71-306EW, CQ71-307SZ, CQ71-308EZ, CQ71-310EG, CQ71-310EM, CQ71-310EP, CQ71-310ES, CQ71-310SB, CQ71-310SD, CQ71-310SF, CQ71-310SG, CQ71-310SV, CQ71-311SF, CQ71-312SA, CQ71-314SA, CQ71-315ER, CQ71-315SF, CQ71-317EA, CQ71-317SG, CQ71-318SO, CQ71-319EZ, CQ71-320ED, CQ71-320EG, CQ71-320EM, CQ71-320ER, CQ71-320SA, CQ71-320SB, CQ71-320SF, CQ71-320SG, CQ71-324SO, CQ71-325EG, CQ71-325SG, CQ71-326SO, CQ71-327EO, CQ71-330EB, CQ71-330ED, CQ71-330EM, CQ71-340EM, CQ71-350EK, CQ71-350EO, CQ71-350SB, CQ71-350SG, CQ71-355EG, CQ71-401SA, CQ71-402SA, CQ71-403EO, CQ71-403SA, CQ71-403SF, CQ71-405EF, CQ71-405SF, CQ71-405SO, CQ71-409SZ, CQ71-410ED, CQ71-410EF, CQ71-410EK, CQ71-410EM, CQ71-410EP, CQ71-410EW, CQ71-410SF, CQ71-410SG, CQ71-410SO, CQ71-410SS, CQ71-411EG, CQ71-411EZ, CQ71-412EG, CQ71-412EO, CQ71-412SF, CQ71-412SO, CQ71-412SZ, CQ71-413EO, CQ71-413EZ, CQ71-413SG, CQ71-414SF, CQ71-414SZ, CQ71-415EG, CQ71-415SO, CQ71-416EG, CQ71-416EO, CQ71-417EG, CQ71-420ED, CQ71-420EG, CQ71-420EK, CQ71-420EM, CQ71-420ER, CQ71-420EW, CQ71-420SB, CQ71-420SF, CQ71-420SM, CQ71-420SO, CQ71-421SG, CQ71-425ER, CQ71-430EM, CQ71-430EP, CQ71-430ER, CQ71-440EB, CQ71-450EV, CQ71-450SB, CQ71-466SB, CQ71-489EZ

ProBook Series
ProBook 4300 Series, ProBook 4310s, 4311s, 4320s, 4321s, 4325s, 4326s, ProBook 4400 Series, ProBook 4410s, 4411s, 4415s, 4416s, 4420s, 4421s, 4425s, ProBook 4500 Series, ProBook 4510s, 4515s, 4516s, 4520s, 4525s, ProBook 4700 Series, ProBook 4710s, 4720s, ProBook 5300 Series, ProBook 5310m, 5320m

Tablet PC Series
Tablet PC TC4400 Series, Tablet PC TC4400

Thin Client Series
Thin Client 2533t Series, Thin Client 2533t Thin Client 4410t Series Capacity: 4.74A Amps
Series: 384021-001
Power: 90 Watt
Volts: 19v

This new ac adapter is 100% compatible and is guaranteed to work with the models listed. It has been made to exact manufacturer specifications and constructed with quality parts - both inside (new Grade A cells used) and outside. Comes with a replacement warranty if it ever fails within the warranty period.

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Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384023-001 120w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384023
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384023-001 120w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384023
79.00 59.00 New Genuine HP 384023-001 120W ac adapter / charger with power cord for HP and Compaq laptop computers. We also carry batteries, memory, AC & DC Power Adapters, CD-RW/DVD/DVDRW drives and other laptop & parts and accessories for this model.>> See below for the technical specs of the HP 384023-001 ac adapter / charger, including voltage, capacity (amps) and other product related info.
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384023-001 120w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384023GB
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 384023-001 120w ac adapter - LAC-HPO384023GB
79.00 59.00 New Genuine HP 384023-001 120W ac adapter / charger with power cord for HP and Compaq laptop computers. We also carry batteries, memory, AC & DC Power Adapters, CD-RW/DVD/DVDRW drives and other laptop & parts and accessories for this model. >> See below for the technical specs of the HP 384023-001 ac adapter / charger, including voltage, capacity (amps) and other product related info.
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 397803-001 / 397747-001 135w ac adapter - LAC-HPO397803
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 397803-001 / 397747-001 135w ac adapter - LAC-HPO397803
89.00 69.00 New Genuine HP 397803-001 135W ac adapter / charger with power cord for HP and Compaq laptop computers.
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 90W 384020-001 / 391173-001 ac power adapter - LAC-HPO384020
Hewlett-packard Business--NC6120 HP Original 90W 384020-001 / 391173-001 ac power adapter - LAC-HPO384020
69.00 49.00 New Genuine HP 384020-001 90W ac adapter / charger with power cord for HP and Compaq laptop computers. We also carry batteries, memory, AC & DC Power Adapters, CD-RW/DVD/DVDRW drives and other laptop & parts and accessories for this model. >> See below for the technical specs of the HP 384021-001 ac adapter / charger, including voltage, capacity (amps) and other product related info.


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